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Learning to Write at HuckleBerry!



At HuckleBerry we recognize that there are many paths to becoming a fabulous writer!   Some students and families are familar with a structured writing program from IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing)  and so we provide a wonderful suite of classes using this curriculum.  Taught by Marsha Bradbury, a trained and experienced IEW teacher, classes in IEW Level A and IEW Level B can be found at our Valencia Campus.  


Topic specific classes are also offered in both of our locations, and include instruction in writing poetry, myths, short stories and plays as well as mechanical skills like grammar.    These classes are provided for a wide age range because we believe that children should be placed in classes based on their skills and their interests, and not just upon a grade that is associated with their age.   Some children come into the world ready to be a story teller and a writer and advance quickly in this skill.   We have classes that will help these students accelerate their writing to new levels, provide targeted instruction and an audience for their writing!    Some children do not gravitate towards this skill, and have to be nurtured to develop in this area.   With our small class sizes, 10 week classes, and highly individualized approach, HuckleBerry helps these students develop at a pace that is comfortable and engaging.   All of our students grow in their abilty to express themselves in writing, but they do not all grow at the same pace.  


Below is a series of interviews with one of our writing teachers, Holly Van Houten, explaining her approach to learning to write and more importantly, learning how to think critically.   She provides tips on how to engage writers at each stage of the writing process so that you can use her strategies at home, irrespective of whether you can take one of her classes at HuckleBerry or not!   We hope you enjoy this new series on Learning To Write at HuckleBerry!


In these first videos, we talk about the philosophy of learning at HuckleBerry, and how Holly utilizes that philosophy in her writing classes.

Creating a Thinking Writer!

For our youngest writers, Adventures in Storybook Land (ages 6-9) provides a gentle introduction to thinking about stories and writing about stories.

Because we LOVE SHAKESPEARE so much at HuckleBerry, we decided to make a short video on how you can make these wonderful stories accessible to your children!


We provide theatrical classes in Shakespeare at both of our locations!  For the 2017-2018 year, check out our offerings from our partnership with Much Ado About Shakespeare!


MidSummer Night's Dream at Simi Valley AND Valencia

The Tempest at Valencia


In Read Write Now (ages 8-11), students learn to construct and structure solid academic paragraphs with lots of practice in planning, developing, focusing and controlling powerful paragraphs with strong topic sentences. 

In Creative Writing and Keyboarding (ages 10+), students read classic short stories while they learn about key components to creative writing, develop their own short story, and learn to type correctly!


In Novels to Knowledge (ages 10-13), students read Newbery Award winning novels, learn about history, and further develop their writing skills from building powerful paragraphs to more analytical essays about each of the books they are reading.

The PACT suite of classes - Path to Critical Thinking at HuckleBerry

For High Schoolers, there are two paths of Writing Instruction from Holly.   Both offer critical skill building for this age.   Students in high school need to develop research skills for their upcoming writing assignments, and then also need a lot of practice in analytical skills.