For Parents of Learners aged 6-9


At HuckleBerry, we don't separate children into grades.   We allow them to explore subjects as they are ready to learn them.   

We believe that children are natural learners, especially at these young ages.   If they are not interested in a subject, it may be because of the way that it is presented, or that it is too challenging, or not challenging enough, or that they are not ready for this learning. 


At these early ages, we focus on the development of a Positive Internal Narrative.   Children that believe that they can do anything are generally right!   To create this narrative, we work to reduce frustration and increase joy around learning.   Creating this environment is not as difficult as it may sound, and we've curated many ideas, learning tools, schedules, games and more to help you create the environment where your child can thrive!


Keys to educational success in these formative years include:

- a rich educational environment that includes access to many ways of learning and many subjects

- allowing  children to have the time to become experts in their areas of interest

- continued opportunities for learning in all subject areas

- working with your child's brain!   Don't make the learning period too long.  Many experts believe that children in this age range can pay attention for anywhere from 12 - 24 minutes.   Give your children breaks as you move from subject to subject to let their brains absorb, relax, and get ready to learn again!

- allowing the child to let you know when they are full, and cannot learn right now.  It is not in our child's best interests to force them to learn mechanical skills at particular biological ages.  There is a lot of time for learning, and as the brain grows, many concepts become easier to grasp. 



Do you have limited time to focus on directed learning?  

Don't worry - we can help you create the perfect learning environment for your child!   And remember, discovered learning can be significantly more impactful than directed learning...


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

- William Butler Yeats

Feel GOOD about the undirected learning and play environment you can create for your child!


HuckleBerry has curated a Box Of Building for your future engineer, architect, designer,


HuckleBerry has curated a Box Of Learning for your child!   Check out our ideas of how your child can choose hours of undirected learning opportunities!


Huck agrees that "Play is the work of the young child", and we've partnered with SCV Adventure Play to provide hands on discovery based play for all ages!

Social Studies,

Emotional Intelligence,

Taking Care of Myself



The Work Of Play




First of all - let's have a real conversation about how much time is spent LEARNING and how much time is spent in CLASSROOM CONTROL in group settings...

I only have an hour a day

I only have 2 hours a day

I only have 3 hours a day