Justice in America - More Supreme Court Cases and a look at how we define "Justice"


Ages:  13+

Teacher:  Stephanie Berry

Mat fees:  $20

Cost:  $230 or $210 if taking 2 or more classes.  Can be split into 3 equal payments


In this class we will continue to look at pivotal cases heard by our Supreme Court, but now we will also look at the question of Justice in America.   How do we define and think about this word, and how does it correspond to our law making. What basic philosophies about the idea of Justice are used to determine laws around taxation, ownership and more.  Because the class enjoyed this so much last semester, we will continue to take polls on how American's feel about recent events, broadening our understanding of why American's feel the way they do.  We will also deepen our debate experience as we learn to focus on the key themes in some of our more pivotal issues.  Newcomers are welcome!