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Jewelry Journey

Teacher:  Ms. King

Ages:  10+

Homework:  None

Prerequisites:    The class involves handling small beads, gems, tools, and materials like wire-basic motor skills for a smooth learning process, and a willingness to learn using tools. Children should feel at ease while using basic hand tools like pliers, cutters, and wire benders, which will further enhance their learning experience.

Materials Included!

Class Objective - Beginner Jewelry-Making Class: An Ultimate Jewelry Crafters Journey! Can be stand-alone or extended into a year-long course, a thorough exploration of the multifaceted world of jewelry creation. Jewelry making with all the exciting features like understanding essential tools, and learning techniques of stringing, wire-bending, and attaching clasps. Explore the versatility of resin. You will also learn about developing textures and increasing the aesthetic value of your pieces using various materials. Focus on advancing your creativity techniques specifically designed to cater to jewelry. You will also learn how to uniquely create and shine a small wooden box to store and display your beautiful creations safely. It will add charm to your pieces, making them perfect gifts and heirlooms.

Class Description:

This beginner Jewelry-Making Class is a journey of creative fun where you'll learn all the essentials about crafting your jewelry, from using tools to selecting and pairing various types of beads or gemstones. Discover fascinating wire-bending, stringing, and clasp-attaching techniques, alongside exposure to diverse materials like glass, stone, and metal utilized in jewelry-making. Enhance your artistries by creating resin-based designs and developing textures that add aesthetic value to your pieces. You'll even learn how to uniquely finish and shine a wooden box for safe display and storage of your jewelry, transforming them into charming gifts or heirlooms. Whether you're making a shiny bracelet, a chic necklace, or delightful earrings, creativity and joy will sparkle brighter than ever as you proudly leave with your handmade masterpiece. Besides being deeply satisfying, this beginner jewelry-making class promises endless fun and a vibrant, interactive environment where creativity blooms. By the end of this course, you will be able to create durable, stunning, and personalized pieces of jewelry that mirror your artistic journey. Join the class today, with every piece of jewelry you create, add a bit of your sparkle to the world.

About Nadene:

Hi there! I'm Nadene King, a dedicated educator with over 25 years of teaching experience, including more than 10 years in differentiated instruction classes. Born in Southern California, I made a move to Buffalo, NY for about three and a half years, I came back to my hometown a few years ago because I missed the sunshine! My passions extend beyond the classroom to painting, crafting, and jewelry making. I hold not one, but two masters - one in higher education with a minor in math and the other in mental health and wellness. What I love most about teaching is witnessing that “light bulb” moment in my students, the moment they understand a concept. It's the most gratifying part of my job!

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