It All Starts with Having Something to Say


Teacher:  Michael Belson

Ages 9-11

Materials Fee:  $30; includes copies of all literature read in this class

Class Fees:

Fall:       11 weeks:  $260 or $250 if taking 2 or more classes

Winter:  10 weeks:  $245 or $235 if taking 2 or more classes

Spring:  10 weeks:  $245 or $235 if taking 2 or more classes


Homework: YES! There will be reading and writing homework. Plan on 1-2 hours per week.


Everyone has something to say, and in this class good writing means learning how to say it simply and clearly.  We’ll read compelling literature and then talk about it together. Students learn to trust their own “Insight”; What do you see? Once we’ve identified our truths, we look for “Evidence”; What does it look like? We learn to illustrate for our reader exactly what we’re seeing or experiencing. Finally, we “Develop” our ideas; Why does it matter? I call this the IED method; Insight/Evidence/Development, and it lies at the core of much of the writing we’ll do this year. We’ll learn how to open and close a piece with impact, use effective similes and metaphors, and so much more as we develop our unique writer’s voice and bring our ideas to life on the page.  This is a yearlong class. We’ll start the year by writing strong paragraphs and work our way to developing simple essays.


Books we’ll read this year include: Tuck Everlasting, Esperanza Rising, and The One and Only Ivan.


In addition to our writing, we will be joining each story with a hands-on activity that is designed to help us explore our chosen themes more deeply.