Interpersonal Communication

The Art of Effective Communication Across All Relationships


Teacher:  Jessica Hartley

Ages:  14+

Cost:  $240 or $230 / trimester if taking 2 or more classes.   Can be split into 3 equal payments.

Mat fees:  $25


By the end of this year long class, the student will develop personal leadership in the art of effective communication, moving through conflict and their ability to cultivate thriving relationships all around them.  

Evolving Beyond Conflict & Cultivating Thriving Relationships


Spring: Cultivating Thriving Relationships through Communication Research & Application
Students will research, explore and apply the key principles of using action and communication to cultivate thriving relationships. We will start with research of the major challenges and success trademarks of relationships. Students will present, discuss, compare and contrast their findings in class, while giving and receiving feedback. Students will create a 'Relationship Project' wherein they select their core concepts from their research and put these principles to the test. They will directly apply the interpersonal communication concepts into one key relationship of thier choice. They will measure their progress and the effects of THEIR conversations and actions over time. This project is the cumulation of the previous 2 quarters. It provides the direct hands on experience they need to develop a mature understanding the most complicated dynamics in relationship communication and how THEY can take responsibility for outcomes. The student will apply the dynamics of navigating past conflict, communication influence, self confidence, empathy and acts of kindness.




In the winter semester, we focus on Speaking Our Voice and understanding The Path of Influence!

Students will explore their fears of communication and how to overcome them.   They explore multiple possible outcomes and discover the power of speaking up and sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas when they feel called to.  Through scenarios practice and classroom discussion, they will analyze the contrast of speaking up; when, why and how to let things go, vs. speaking their voice.  Students will discover the Art of Influence in Communication.  They will review what happens in conversation when others walls, triggers and big emotions get in the way of what they were trying to communicate.  They practice the step by step path to easily speaking in a meaningful conversation with respect AND Influence while avoiding setting off any triggers in the other.  Students will compare and contrast appealing to the heart vs. the mind and explore four ways to share their perspective in a way that will maintain an open listener, who is able to receive the idea within he context of their reasoning and genuine consideration.  They will compare and contrast Compromise vs. getting to the place of a Win/ Win and mutual good for all.  They will groom their Influence skills and learn to easily adapt their conversation when interrupted or when the conversation begins to go the wrong way, while giving and receiving feedback.


The cornerstone of career success, thriving relationships and genuine happiness with life is being a great interpersonal communicator.  This class is a proactive approach to set these students up for success in their relationships now AND into the future.  Whether it be a relationship with parents, siblings, peers, within the workplace, romantic, marriage, etc., relationship struggles are the main source of personal grief in our society today.  Poor interpersonal communication and the inability to transcend conflict is the root cause of this destruction at home, at work and in the world at large.  This class will equip them to confidently communicate what matters to them, in a way that will help their words be heard, understood and well- received.  It will show them how to maintain self honor as they navigate through conflict and diversity with respect for others.  It will instill trademarks of thriving relationships and taking responsibility to become stewards of their own interpersonal success.  By the end of this year long class, the student will develop personal confidence in the art of effective communication and their ability to cultivate thriving relationships all around them.


Jessica Hartley is a Relationship Coach, Spiritual Teacher and founder of the Legendary Love Program.  The emphasis of her work is in providing a clear path for individuals all over the world to move past relationship struggles into a deeply connected life-long love and marriage.  Her teaching approach is a perfectly balanced blend of heart and mind; delivered through analysis, method, structure, empathy, intuition and authenticity, creating the most important impacts in personal growth and quality of life for her students.  She holds a Master’s degree in Soul Centered Psychology, and speaks widely on the topics of Marriage, Communication, Relationships and Parenting.  Her intention in teaching is to instill the vital tools and deep awareness of how to cultivate thriving relationships and overall quality of life for the next generation.