Led By Stephanie Berry

Ages:  14+

Mat Fees:  None

Class Fees:  None

Prerequisites:  Must have been with Huck already.    Essay & Interview to join required.


Internships have been valued since the Middle Ages, but now, in a sea of students with transcripts that all look the same, one of the main ways to differentiate yourself is through your community service and internships.   At Huck, we recognize that this has been so for many years, and many of our high schoolers will benefit greatly from Interning.


We have two tracks available for our most responsible high schoolers!


- for teens that like to work with kids (and there are so many of you!) we are formalizing our outreach program to teach children how to read.   Students with this skill can go into private tutoring or volunteerism to help children acquire this critical skill.   We will be hosting reading-related seminars and classes through this program to help all children learn to love reading!


- teens that want to learn how to run a non-profit and be a key player in developing the marketing, social media, event planning and outreach for Huck can be part of a small but mighty team that helps Huck and our community.   HIgh Schoolers in this program will learn what it takes to run a business, and will take on specific roles of progressive responsibilities in areas of their interest.   Employers and universities today are looking for more than good grades.   Today our universities are looking for students that have initiative and experience that shows responsibilities outside of the classroom.   We've designed this program for those students that want to be mentored in all of the small and large tasks necessary to help run & expand in business.


To Join:

Students must have already been with Huck for at least a quarter.   We are a unique institution and it takes being a student here to understand our culture.   Students can join this program in any of our quarters.   To join, please write an essay about why you would to intern. what you would like to accomplish, and why.   Tell us about what you have done already outside of your studies, and why you would like to intern at Huck as opposed to any other internship opportunity.  Email your essay to with subject Internship Application.    You should also register for this class using our online registration system so that we know to look for your application.