HuckleBerry is a part of the

Blue Ridge Preferred Vendor Program!



HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning provides learning opportunities to supplement the learning goals you have designed with Blue Ridge Charter School.  


Our Preferred Vendor Programs with Blue Ridge Charter School provides K-8 students with the following benefits.  High School level classes are not included in this program.

  • Students are entitled to 10 classes per year at HuckleBerry.   There are no additional fees for these 10 classes.

    • Maximum of 4 classes per session will be included in this program.

  • Because our class fees vary, students will be given a credit of between $0 and $300 depending on the 10 classes they choose at Huck.  This credit will be received in the Spring session.

  • Students will also be given $500 in instructional funds from Blue Ridge CS for curriculum.   These funds cannot be used at HuckleBerry for supplies or classes.

  • Students will also be given access to a number of online learning subscription programs from Blue Ridge CS.


Want more information?   Please contact Carolyn Goedike at HuckleBerry