HuckleBerry offers a Hybrid High School Model

It's like College for High Schoolers, only better...

Small classes.  Passionate teachers. Engaged Learners.

You choose the classes you want to personalize your Learning Experience. 

Partner with accredited Charter Schools, or create your own Independent Study.

Your Education.   Your Way.

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Educational Coaching

Huck Recommends


Dr. Mercer has provided fabulous college entrance advice to many of our homeschool families.   We couldn't recommend him enough!

Huck Website Sir Ken Robinson.webp

Sir Ken Robinson provides one of the best and well received talk ever on the role of Creativity in education, and how schools are killing it.

Alfie Kohn provides a provocative look at what education is.  Kohn is talks about the advantages of a progressive approach to education that values students’ interests,  focuses on understanding rather than assessment, and assesses student work authentically.   He asks readers to consider big questions, such as:

What’s important to know?

What are the qualities of a good school?

And perhaps most vital, Who gets to decide and who benefits?”