High School US Government & Economics



Teacher:  Donna Connolly

Ages:  14+

Class Fees:

Spring:  10 weeks:  $287 or $277 if taking 2 or more classes

Homework:   YES.  2-3 hours / week.


The textbook for this class is: United States Government: Principles in Practice, 2010 published by Holt McDougal

ISBN-13: 978-0-030-93028-7. It can be found at Thrifty books and other outlets. I bought mine at Barnes and Noble for $2.


Note:  This is a "FLIPPED" Class.   Please ensure you have time to read the chapter prior to coming to class!


Meets High School Graduation Requirement for History/Gov


Students in the American Government course pursue a deeper understanding of the institutions of American government. They compare systems of government in the world today and analyze the history and changing interpretations of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the current state of the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches of government. An emphasis is placed on analyzing the relationship among federal, state, and local governments, with particular attention paid to important historical documents such as the Federalist Papers. They prepare to vote, participate in community activities, and assume the responsibilities of citizenship. Students will be required to read one chapter a week before coming to class. Class time will be dedicated to discussing the chapter, understanding the way the different branches and the political process works, and comparing and contrasting the American system with governments around the world (past and present).


Every week, students will work in teams to complete a variety of projects from creating campaign posters to drawing and/or analyzing political cartoons. They will analyze groundbreaking Supreme Decisions and work together to evaluate important Legislative decisions. Students should expect 2-3 hours of homework a week. We will do quizzes in class, but reading, writing and some assigned videos must be done at home. This will be a fun and exciting class that is sure to get students thinking critically about their government and their country. I'm really looking forward to exploring this with our Huck students!


Note:   US Government will be done in the Fall session plus 1/2 of the Winter session.   Economics will be done in the 2nd 1/2 of the Winter session and the Spring session.   Students can sign up for one or both of the sessions.