hucklearning | HS Biology with Labs 2020 2021

High School Biology with Labs


Teacher:  Feisal Khoushab
Ages 14+

Cost:   $627 - Includes Class and Lab Manual but no hands-on component

Cost:   $727 - Includes Class and Lab Manual with SHARED kit - for siblings

Cost:   $827 - Includes Class, Lab Manual and Individual Kit for in class or at home use.  Normally our kits can be shared between two students, but we are offering this option in case we are not allowed to be onsite for this class.  Lab kits come directly from

Homework:   Yes!  Students will need to read  the textbook (which can be purchased as an e-book).   

Study groups are encouraged.   Students will be given a study guide each week 

Textbook:   Biology by Miller/Levine, Pearson Prentice Hall publisher.

This is a 16-17 week course.    This is planned as a 16 weeks course, but if we get really excited about a particular project, we may need to add a day (no charge of course!)

Welcome to biology class! In this course you will learn both the basics and the latest advances in biological sciences field and you will find it challenging and interesting. In order to maximize the learning we will take advantage of teacher-class discussion, reading the textbook, laboratory investigation, computer activities, videos, supplemental reading, homework, quizzes, and tests.

We will be using this textbook: Biology by Miller/Levine, Pearson Prentice Hall publisher.

Extra labs have been added to this class.   We think the kids will love Week 9 in particular as we study the Covid-19 virus.   Because Feisal is a biologist, he will also be helping our students understand how to find, read and understand scientific articles.

This class will include the science of Biology from cell structure, photosynthesis, ecology, cell respiration, genetics, DNA, RNA and even PCR experiments!  


Week 1

  • The Science of Biology (Chapter 1)

  • The Chemistry of Life (Chapter 2)

Lab: General Lab Safety, Chemical Bonding Fundamentals

Week 2

  • The Biosphere (Chapter 3)

  • Ecosystems and Communities (Chapter 4)

Lab: Microscope: Structure and care, and Magnification

Week 3

  • Populations (Chapter 5)

  • Humans in the Biosphere (Chapter 6)

Lab: Ecology of Organisms

Week 4

  • Cell Structure & Function (Chapter 7)

Lab: Preparing a Slide Using a Wet Mount

Week 5

  • Photosynthesis (Chapter 8)

Lab : Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis

Week 6

  • Cellular Respiration (Chapter 9)

Lab: Diffusion and Osmosis

Week 7

  • Cell Growth and Division (Chapter 10)

Lab Meiosis and Mitosis

Week 8

  • Introduction to Genetics (Chapter 11)

  • DNA and RNA (Chapter 12)

Lab: DNA extraction

Week 9

  • Genetic Engineering (Chapter 13)

  • The Human Genome (Chapter 14)

  • Virology (With concentration on current topic of Covid-19)

Lab: PCR


Week 10

  • Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (Chapter 15)

  • Evolution of Populations (Chapter 16)

  • The History of Life (Chapter 17)

Lab: DNA Microarray

Week 11

  • Nervous System (Chapter 35)

Lab: Flow Cytometry

Week 12

  • Circulatory and respiratory System (Chapter 37)

Lab: Gel electrophoresis

Week 13

  • Digestive and Excretory Systems (Chapter 38)

Lab: Mammalian Homeostasis

Week 14

  • Endocrine and Reproductive Systems (Chapter 39)

Lab: Classifying Invertebrates

Week 15

  • The Immune System (Chapter 40)

Lab: Classifying Vertebrates

Week 16

How to read and extract data/information from scientific biological articles (It is not in the textbook!)

Final Exam!