High School Biology and Labs



teacher:   Dr. Steve Yoshinaga

Ages:  14+

Mat Fees:  $40

Class Fees: $330 or $320 if taking 2 or more classes per session.

Note:  This is a 2 hour class starting at 9:00 am


Textbook:  Glencoe (Biology 2017, zebra head on cover)

Homework:  Yes.  Reading the chapter, Reading the lab handout, and Answering the questions each week. Approximately 2-3 hours a week for this homework.


Life is Good
California science standards require all students to take biology. The
reason is simple. A rudimentary knowledge of biology is important for all
citizens of our society. An appreciation for how biology works will instill an
understanding of life that will help us make rational decisions in our future.
Life is good, especially when you understand it at the genetic level!


One-Stop Shopping: A Class and Lab Bonded Together
This is a year-long course that supports biology for high school students. The
course is a 1-hr study session, usually followed by a 1-hr lab. In the study
session, students will be able to ask questions from the instructor regarding the
homework problems or concepts in the chapter. After the question and answer
period, there will be a weekly quiz on the chapter’s material. We will study the
biology text from Glencoe (Biology 2017, zebra head on cover). Questions will
be assigned from each chapter for homework. There are no exams, unless the
student is seeking UC laboratory course accreditation (see below). There will
be 30 weeks of classes over 3 sessions throughout the year.


Hard Work is Required, Understanding of Life is the Goal
This is a challenging class and the student’s schedule should be organized accordingly. Time should be
made available for reading the chapter, reading the lab handout, and answering the questions each
week. A prudent student will allow for an additional 2-3 hours a week for this homework. Hard work will
be rewarded. In this course, your student will have the opportunity to develop study habits that will give
them confidence, and at the same time, they will cultivate an understanding of
the miracle of life. Biology is not an easy course. The challenge is that
life is very diverse. The miracle is that amongst all of the diversity, all
of life is connected at the genetic level. We share our most
fundamental traits with mice, plants, and even bacteria. The blue
whale and the bacteria in its gut both abide by the same genetic


UC “d” Approved Laboratory Course
This course fulfills a University of California a-g lab course
requirement if mid-term and final exams are passed. Alternatively,
the exam requirement could be replaced by a 5-8 page research
report and a 5-10 minute presentation on a topic in biology.
The Lab
We use laboratory kits, and the labs are coordinated with the study
sessions so students can immediately connect theory with
practice. We will use the laboratory kit from Home Scientist, LLC
(http://www.thehomescientist.com/kits.html). In addition, the lab
course includes 5 biotechnology labs from the Amgen
Biotechnology Experience (https://
www.amgenbiotechexperience.com). Students are expected to be
prepared for each lab by reading the handout for the week.
Reports will be required for some of the labs. There are a few
optional, but highly recommended, dissection labs.