High School Art Projects & Design

Students passionate about the fine arts will develop their drawing, painting, composition, perspective, and design skills in greater depth - even if this is their first art class ever. We will study Artists from History, the Portrait & Figure, learn about Graphic Arts & Typography, and touch on Product Design.


When studying the Portrait and Figure, students will illustrate the proportions of the human face and body.

In studying Graphic Arts, students will work on projects such as a poster, book cover, or a logo & business card design.

For homework, they will do sketches in their sketchbook and work on assigned projects.

These artists will also research on an art career path!


The goal is to be inspired, to train the eye, to learn techniques, and to build skill. Each year we will be studying new artists and work on new and fresh projects. This class can be taken for enrichment or for credit.


For High School Credit, student needs to commit to 2 hours of homework per week. However, all students will be encouraged to develop their art skills outside of class.   


Weeks 1 – 4 Focus: Portrait & Figure Studies

  • 2 Masters from Art History and RelatedProjects

  • Portrait-drawing & feature proportions

  • Gesture drawing & the human-body proportions

Weeks 5 – 8 Focus: Graphic Arts & Design

  • 2 Masters from Art History and Related Projects

  • Graphic Arts/Page Layout/ Design

Weeks 9+ Focus: Still Life/Landscape

  • 1 Master from Art History and a Related Project

  • Student chooses a project of their choice