Time Travelers US History!


Ages:  9-11

Michael Belson


This year-long course will cover the history of North America from the 15th Century through the American Revolution.  We'll be learning about our history through games, activities, creative projects and more! A typical day in our class may include reading, interactive online activities, videos, projects, and creative writing assignments.


Fall session: Age of Exploration

The first session will focus on the explorers of the New World, their daily lives, conquests, and pitfalls. We will learn about the Americas and her early inhabitants, and the treacherous journeys that so many European explorers were willing to make to discover new worlds. We will be learning all about the reasons for exploration!  


Winter session: America's Colonies

We will learn about Colonial home life, school, fun and faith. We will also learn about the Native Americans that colonists encountered and their struggles to survive in both a hospitable and hostile environment.  A typical day in class will include some creative writing, reading and projects.


Spring session: Our American Revolution!

In the spring we will learn all about our own Revolution; what led up to it and what were the outcomes? Our units will cover the politics and conflicts that launched a new nation, such as: Colonial beginnings, the French & Indian War, problems leading up to the revolution, Continental Congress, General Washington, women of the war, several specific battles, many important figures who stood for the cause of liberty, and much more!