Medieval & Renaissance History through Literature and Projects!



Teacher:  Tracy Quick

Ages:  11-14

Day / Time:   Tuesday  9:30 - 11:00

Class Price:  $256 or $64/month

Material Fees:  $35

Homework:  reading!


Year Long Course (Fall/Spring) covering The Fall of the Roman Empire through the Renaissance (400s-1500s AD)


Learn about the people and times from the Fall of the Roman Empire through the Renaissance, while reading fantastic historical fiction.  Make historical, geographical, mathematical, scientific, and language arts connections while participating in hands on, interactive activities, discussions, projects, experiments, and presentations complimenting the readings.  Explore the world civilizations of the time (Arabian, sub-Saharan, African, European, Eurasian, Meso-American and Andean), comparing their geographies, cultures, beliefs, governments, and social structures, and recognizing their influence on current day societies.  Explore the contributions made in literature, the arts, sciences, mathematics, cartography, and engineering by reading excerpts from works written then (Canterbury Tales, Shakespeare’s works, Dante’s Inferno, etc), creating illuminations, playing customary games from the period, preparing and eating common traditional foods, and constructing models of some of Leonardo da Vinci’s designs.  


The reading list is still being assessed and compiled!




This class is tied to the 7th grade US History Standards.