Hands On High School Physics with Labs!  (14+)


Ages:  14+ (High School)

Teacher:  Debbie Walker

Mat Fees: $30

Cost:  $380 or $360 if taking 2 or more classes

This is  2.5 hour class including lecture & labs happening in every class!   This class is designed to run for 3 quarters.


Physics is fun!  Come learn how the world works in this course that teaches ALL the basic concepts of physics. How things move, why they move, why they move in different directions, what causes them to go higher, lower, or further!   What happens when a car stops too fast?   Or stops while in a curve?   Why do basketballs or baseballs curve when thrown?  How fast should you be going, or not going, if you want to stop quickly?   We all need to know the basics of physics!  The concepts are then reinforced each week with hands-on laboratory experiments. In the first quarter the following exciting topics will be explored:  kinematics, projectiles, Newton's laws, momentum and energy.  To help kids understand how the world around them works, we will do a kinematics lab with spark cars calculating speed by measuring the distance traveled and time.   We'll also have fun projectile experiments using basketballs.   Other labs will focus on forces, using force scales on different objects being pulled in different directions and calculating the net result.  

A very basic understanding of algebra and geometry are suggested, and kids will need a calculator that is able to do the most basic trig functions.   Don't worry if you haven't done trig yet!   Debbie will review the basic concept, and how to use the calculator.   For those kids with smart phones, the built in calculator is sufficient!    Debbie will be presenting the math skills necessary for this class at our Welcome Back to Huck day!   But don't worry - Students will be eased into problem solving and taught the best methods to solve physics problems. Come have fun with Physics!