Hands-On Art Projects!

Learning From the Art Masters


Teacher:   Lena Ketenjian

Ages: 6-9


Class Fees:

Spring:  10 weeks:  $291 or $281 if taking 2 or more classes




During Spring Session we will cover yet another 5 Art Masters from History such as Cassatt, Mondrian, and Rockwell. Besides learning about them, students do exercises and projects based on the artist’s styles and techniques. Between learning about the Masters, students will get to experiment with a variety of other hands on art projects using different methods and mediums. I often choose subjects that students are interested in. We will also do one seasonal craft.


Art Projects I class will continue to study 6 to 8 more famous artists from history such as Johannes Vermeer, Piet Mondrian, Auguste Renoir, and Claude Monet. The students will experiment with different art materials learning from the artist's techniques. A variety of subjects will be chosen. In the Fall 2019 Session students studied artists like Vincent Van Gogh, and Picasso. Some projects they worked on were country landscapes, animals, oceans, flowers, and abstract art. They will trace, glue, draw, and paint. On some days the class will do fun crafts that are seasonal. We listen to classical music during class and sometimes get to read a story during break time.