Globalization & International Relations

In our increasingly globalized world, the time to learn about International Relations has been been more important!   THIS is the world our children will inherit; a world where global cultures will constantly be a part of the conversation of achieving anything!   The number of Multi-National Companies increases every year, and the issues that they deal with stretch far beyond currency and time zone differences!  No matter what field our students enter, globalization will be a factor to understand.

This is a social science course that introduces students to the forces, events, individuals, and issues that define the increasing interaction and interdependence of the people and nations of our 21st century world.  It is a joint effort between HuckleBerry and UC Irvine, where much of the base curriculum has been developed.  This class includes interactive workshops, readings, writing prompts, and student projects that are a cross-discipline study of geography, political science, economics, anthropology, sociology, and international studies.  One of the aspects that our students enjoyed the most when we last offered this class was a Guess Where You Are contest!   From one image, students worked to guess where they were based on religious symbols, architecture, cultural dress and food, the presence of water, types of trees and more!   Through these images, our cultural awareness grew and we were able to dig deeply into the history of a particular place as it was referred to in the image.

The course will teach students to relate and recognize the direct impact that forces of globalization have on the economic, political, social, and cultural development of nations and regions of the world. Students will also be introduced to core concepts of international relations (push/pull factors, soft and hard power, and many others) and are expected to apply these theoretical concepts to a range of specific contemporary case studies or simulations.

This course will integrate technology into our capstone projects.   Instead of essays, we will incorporate multimedia projects that increase our ability to communicate to different types of audiences.  Projects will be individualized to each student’s interests.

The course addresses Thematic Strand IX: Global Connections of the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies

Note:   International Relations is a broad term, and this course may shift based on the interests of the students.   The basics of IR apply in almost all situations, so students can bring their particular interests to the class to co-create personalized projects.


Introduction to Globalization

  • Globalization & the Global Citizen

  • Our Earth – focus on Deforestation

  • Water: A Global Crisis

  • Food Scarcity

  • Immigration Patterns,

  • Inequality


Project of Change 

  • Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals

  • Hunger and Poverty

  • Quality Education

  • Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions - How we achieve peace

 Capstone Project: Creation of Original NGOs




Comparing the Wealth of Nations

  • Defining Economic Roots of Globalization

  • Defining Wealth

  • Comparing the Wealth of Nations

  • Multinational Corporations 


Introduction to International Relations

  • Introduction to Nation-States

  • Infrastructure

  • Exploring Foreign Policy

  • Human Rights

  • Genocide

  • Fragile States


Hot Topics & Hot Spots

  • Media Literacy

  • Cybersecurity

  • Nuclear Proliferation

  • The Refugee Crisis

  • Terrorism

  • New Nationalism


It’s All About You! 

  • Generation Z

  • Social Media

  • Social Movements

  • Global Citizen

 Capstone Project: On the Path to Global Citizenship