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Global Citizen Leaders!

Young Global Leaders 

Ages 6-9 - Tuesday 1:15 - 2:45 with Melissa Dawson


Global Leaders 

Ages 9-12 Thursday 9:15 - 10:45 with Melissa Dawson


Teen Global Leadership

Ages 13+ Monday 9:30 - 11:00 with Carmell Marchino


The goal of this class is to inspire children and expand their awareness and appreciation of themselves as well as all of their Global neighbors!   In the world that our children will inherit, they will experience more rapid changes than have ever been experienced, and these shifts will require a number of new skills that are not taught in traditional classes.  These skills will include;

  • Awareness of and Appreciation for Global Cultures. 

  • Creative problem solving that takes into account empathetic responses to others, awareness and skill around language and structures that increase collaboration, and a willingness and ability to value diverse groups and teams.

  • Development of a daily practice of self-care and a knowledge of self-worth.  No acts of leadership can come easily before we can be kind to ourselves.   We work to replace any negative or un-empowering self-talk with positive narratives of self.  Even in families that actively cultivate positive self narratives, our world can work to reduce these powerful messages.   Positive visualizations, affirmations and acts of kindness to our own class can help to negate outside influences.   

  • Build strong adaptability skills to embrace our future!   We can only predict that we cannot predict the amount of change our children will experience in their world!   The skill that will help them the most is the ability to Adapt to all of these changes.   We’re at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and change will be coming more rapidly than ever before!   From robotics, AI, IoT, Gene Editing and so many more innovations that we have already started to see, we will experience increasingly more technology shifts that change how we live and work, and these shifts will come faster than ever before.   What an exciting time to be alive!   We want children to be able to lean into these advances with courage and a knowledge that there is always a place for them.  A “normal” education that includes reading, writing, math and science will not be enough to enjoy what’s coming.   We will work to help students embrace change as opportunity!


At Huck, we are developing this suite of classes to help our students become exemplary Global Citizens!   These classes are being built around a 3 year schedule, so students can be in each class for 3 years and never repeat the same material.   Much of our learning will be story-based, because stories are one of the best ways to build understanding of new ideas.   Students will also have opportunities to create their own stories, which we hope will include new ideas and skills that they gain from this class.    We’ve designed the class to scaffold the skills necessary to become a Global Citizen!

  • Fall:   This session will focus on mindfulness, self-care, brain & body health, empathy and communication skills.   

    • If we cannot care for ourselves, we have no chance to be able to build strong skills in caring for the needs of others!  We all know this, but it takes practice to build these skills into our practice. This class will help students to do exactly that.  We will learn about mindful breathing and how to cultivate  gratitude for both the things we love and the things that challenge us!  We will learn how to keep our brains and bodies in peak form.   We will read stories that help us to affirm kindness to ourselves and to others.   Lots of times, we don’t even know how we feel because we have not been taught to be aware of what our body is telling us!  In this class, we will practice mindfulness, we will learn the beginning skills of meditation to quiet the mind, we will write in journals, and perhaps most importantly, we will learn ways to decrease any anxiety that we may be feeling.  From breath and belly focus, EFT tapping techniques, listening to calming music and more, we will build mindfulness and self-care into our everyday practice!  Older students will learn more about the science behind our emotions, along with bio-hacking tools designed to bring about the calmness we need to navigate stress. By learning skills and tools to develop understanding of what is going on in our own bodies, children can gain an understanding of how to navigate their own emotions while experiencing all of the ups and downs of our world.

    • We follow self-care skills with empathy-building skills.  In our learning about empathy, we learn that we don’t have to have the same experiences as others to understand what they might be feeling.  We learn to become aware of and value what other people are feeling, while still being able to speak our own truth.   We start with observing and understanding our own feelings, and then we move towards observing and understanding the feelings of others.  

    • How to have powerful conversations!  Loosely based on the Crucial Conversations model, our students will learn how to create safe spaces for important conversations, develop skills to truly listen to opposing views, and to speak our own views - even when it’s uncomfortable.  

  • Winter:   Cultural Explorations!   This session will focus on learning about the diversity that is around us today!   We will learn about the people, cultures & histories that make up the world today.   Did you know that by the year 2045, America is likely to be a majority-minority country (meaning that minorities will make up the majority of the country)?  Now is the time to build awareness and appreciation for all cultures!   We will start local and learn about many of the nationalities that exist in California and how and why they came here, and then we will branch out both nationally and globally!   Through stories, food, images, geography, videos and more, we will explore the wonderful cultures throughout the world!  


  • Spring:  Global Leadership!   This session will bring all of our learning together!   By this time we will have developed our self care routines and started our practice of empathy.   We will have learned about many new cultures around the world.  In our Spring session, we will focus on skills of leadership.    We will build strong communication skills so that we help to make conversations safe for everyone.   We will tackle age-appropriate global issues, and work to develop awareness of the issue and solutions that everyone can be a part of!   Our classes will determine which issues we would like to focus on each year, and then as a class, we will direct both our learning and our outcomes.   From making videos, posters, fund raising and more, we will learn how we can all make a difference as Global Leaders!