HuckleBerry has been at the forefront of changing the way a child can be educated since 2007.  


As most of you know, HuckleBerry has been providing high quality educational classes for 10 years now!   What started as a realization that my daughter would not fit into her local Kindergarten class turned into a non-profit business that has educated thousands of kids here in Los Angeles!   At Huck, we look at education differently.   We follow what we call a "strengths based education", where we help all of our students discover their gifts, and then work towards following & developing that passion.   Since not all subjects are equally interesting to our students, we work hard to make our classes relevant as well, and help our students see themselves as agents of change.   We write letters to advertisers where we feel their message is denigrating to women.   We also write to President Andrew Jackson to give him ideas on how to live peacefully with Native Americans in hopes that this will give our learners ideas about peace that can be used today.   We analyze the literary genius of Charles Dickens right alongside the musical genius of Bob Dylan.   We teach our students to write both analytically and scientifically.   In math, we find that graphs make more sense when we learn that an investment now will rise exponentially over time, encouraging students to start saving now!   We don't want to hear our students saying that something they are learning doesn't matter.   If it doesn't matter, then why learn it?   We work to make history, math, science, art, music, writing, sewing, woodworking, learning about new languages and new cultures all matter.  


We're working to help create world citizens

that care about the world and each other

and are prepared academically & socially to make a difference.


Like all non-profits, our class revenue is not designed to meet all of our expenses, and we are looking to our fundraising efforts to help close the gaps.  Our core beliefs about small classroom sizes, allowing children to learn at the pace that is right for them and not based on their biological age, unique learning opportunities that help children engage in their learning outside of traditional definitions, safe and beautiful locations for learning, decent wages for our teachers, and enough staff to keep our children safe all contribute to the expenses of running the center.   Your help will enable us to stay true to our path.


Your donation will help us in a number of new ventures;

·         Technology Need:   $5,000.00    We have made an initial investment into 12 Chromebooks which enabled us to turn several of our classrooms into Google Classrooms.   This has made a marked difference in how we can engage our learners, and our students are delving significantly deeper into both their analytical writing and in their research.   Using Excel and Microsoft Mathematics is helping our students visualize math and enabling us to  incorporate real world situations.   Our history classes are starting to use iMovie to create movies about historical events.   We’re using freeware like Powtoon and VideoScribe to incorporate more ways for kids to relate to their subjects and take ownership of their learning.   These story telling skills are one of our most important gifts to our students.   As future world changers, they will need all of these skills to tell important stories skillfully and persuasively, and your donation will enable us to broaden our technology investment.  Right now we are using our personal devices as hotspots, carting our Chromebooks back and forth from our homes and do not have enough of them to share between classes occuring at the same time, or in our new Simi Valley site.   We would like to expand our usage of Chromebooks and other technology to both of our sites, increase our internet availability and invest in charging stations.   Your donation will help our classes engage students more seriously with the technology they need to be successful.


·         Software Need:  $5,000.00    We use software for administrative functions like payroll, invoicing, communication, class registration, teacher recruitment and more.   We are now investing in growth, and have opened our 2nd site in Simi Valley, directly increasing our software costs.   Our software strategy is cloud-based, alleviating high hardware costs and allowing for easy interfaces between multiple centers.   Opening a new site is an expensive endevour in terms of both time and money.   Our goal is to open 3 additional sites within the next 5 years in areas where there is little or no academic help.  As we take on more responsibilities in more areas of need, our software costs also rise.   Your donation directly affects our ability to reach more children.


·         Communication Need:   $3,000.00   This quarter we have started to make educational videos that can be used by anyone that cares about education and feels the need for help with any educational need .   These are both how-to and why-to videos.  In one of our videos we explore ideas like Why it is important to capture a child’s love of writing before working on components of grammar, spelling and structure.   In another video we explore easy ways to introduce Shakespeare to a young learner, paving the way for students to fully embrace this difficult subject in older years.   Our film director and editor has given us a very reasonable rate for starting this project, but ongoing costs are necessary to continue this project.   Your donation will help us reach far beyond our immediate community and provide help to parents and learners throughout the country.


Thank you for reading this!   And thank you for any donation that you can make.   As a group, I know that we can make the types of differences that matter.



When you give to HuckleBerry, you are helping us to continue to provide the programs that mean so much to your children.   As we look to the future, we are adding MORE of what our parents are asking for!    Your generous donation helps HuckleBerry to continue to provide a home away from home for your family.


HuckleBerry is a 501c3 non profit organization

All donations are tax deductible


Our heartfelt Thank You to all of our generous donors!