Getting it DONE!


Teacher:  Stephanie Berry

Ages:  13+

Day:  July 17 - 10:00 - 2:30

Price: $60

Mat Fees: $10


Do you ever struggle with getting everything done, when it is due, and with quality?   Do you have panic attacks?   Are you sometimes surprised by homework or gatherings that you had forgotten about?  There is a better way!


In this workshop we will start with understanding and setting our goals.   It's such an important part of high school.   What do you want your story to be?  Will it only be that you worked really hard to get good grades?   Or did you maybe spend too much time on video games?   We'll start in this conversation - what do you want your story to be?   From there, we move to goal setting, and then we learn the difficult but immensely powerful tools that help us achieve our goals.   From simple skills like ensuring we have a schedule that is manageable to apps for our phones, to more holistic skills like vision boards, quotes and other techniques that keep us on track, we'll immerge from the workshop with the tools necessary to achieve our goals and get it DONE!