In this class, students will learn a variety of mathematical skills, and develop their ability to solve problems as well as defend their logic with proof, all while learning about the the properties of two-dimensional shapes. Students will learn about the process of logical proof, the properties of polygons, parallel lines and angles, and the mathematics of surface area and volume. 


The textbook we will be working from is by the McDougal Littell publishing company. We will be working from the 2007 edition. It is available for about $10 physically from a variety of book providers, or available online free. 

Graph paper will be necessary for proper note-taking. Geometry tools such as protractor and compass are recommended, but not required.


Students will be expected to attend 2 hours per week in class, and 2-4 hours per week outside of the classroom to finish assignments. Grading will be 70% homework, 20% tests and quizzes, 10% attendance.