Games, Games, Games!


Ages:   6-14

Teacher:   Tracy Quick


Drop-in:  $15

Class Committment:  $10

Material Fees:  NONE


NOTE:   This class is not being held online, and therefore is cancelled until we can safely access our site.   At that time Tracy will start this class again!


Board games in many different subjects; from science, writing, geography to strategy games like Chess, Tracy will be bringing a large variety of games for kids to play.   This is a free play session where Tracy is there to teach the kids how to play a large assortment of games!   Kids can also bring their own games if they would like to share!  

They will need to remain in our room with Tracy while playing their games.


Starts on Wednesday, 1/22, 1:15 – 2:45

Room 4


Drop in or commit to the remaining 8 weeks of our Winter Session!