Friends of HuckleBerry Donor Circle




At HuckleBerry, our mission is to create a learning environment that will help children develop their creative abilities, their critical thinking and team building skills while connecting to their love of learning.

Each subject we teach develops these skills by incorporating play and hands on projects into their learning.  Students not only grow educationally in their chosen areas of interest, but also in these critical life skills.


HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning is a non-profit public benefit corporation. I chose a non-profit structure primarily because our model is to channel any profits back into the center for the children. This is truly a homeschooling community service.    We strive to create a community of children that are excited about learning, are able to pursue subjects that interest them and are developing the skills that will lead to a lifetime of happiness where they know how to follow their passions in every facet of their lives.



However, the costs of running such a center are high!  

When you look around and see that your child is safe and happy and enjoying their learning adventure because of someone at the front desk or because of the beautiful facility we rent or the outstanding teachers and classes, or if you use our website or the Huck Pages, or receive a monthly invoice, a confirmation form, or a newsletter, or if you enjoy the Open House, or if you realize that when we pay our the teachers so that they can make a living AND share their wisdom and experience with our children, we also must pay the government,  file taxes, and pay many government fees and follow many government regulations, then you will realize very quickly that it really does take a large and generous village to run a non profit Learning Center!


We are asking all of our families and extended families to consider HuckleBerry when you are looking for a place to make a charitable donation.   Your donations will help us to ensure that we can continue to make your Learning Center available to the community.



Thank you from all of us at HuckleBerry for your generosity!

Friend of Mark Twain:  $2,000 - $5,000

Known to everyone, liked by All.   Mark Twain was sometimes called “The Father of American Literature” and wrote what many call the Greatest American Novel of All Time – HuckleBerry Finn.   Twain was noted for being able to make sophisticated ideas accessible to children – without a lecture!  His stories make us all stop and think about life’s most important issues; what is right and what is wrong, and how to hold ourselves accountable for doing what we know is right.   He is the hallmark of what we try to instill in our kids.


Friends at this level will receive 3 hours of personalized coaching to ignite and inspire your homeschool journey, and free MBTI (Myers Briggs) personality assessment for your whole family to help hone your education to who you are and how you learn and relate to the world.



Friend of Huck Finn:  $750 - $1,999

The much beloved Huck Finn is a boy that learns to survive and thrive using his own wits, morals and a self directed style of education.   Huck likes to figure things out for himself; the quintessential self learner!  He is smart and inventive, but society sometimes sees him as uneducated because he lacks their version of education.   However, Huck proves to us on many occasions that his morality and intelligence are frequently superior to those that have been given a traditional education. He believes in doing the “right” thing – even if others don’t agree.


Friends at this level will receive 2 hours of personalized coaching to ignite and inspire your homeschool journey, and 1 free MBTI (Myers Briggs) personality assessment to help hone your education to who you are and how you learn and relate to the world.