Math Foundations A:  Developing Fluency with subtraction using Mental Math Strategies


Teacher:   Stephanie Berry

Ages:  6-8


Class Fees

Spring:  10 weeks:  $282 or $272 if taking 2 or more classes


Spring Session:  

Math Foundations A:  Developing fluency in Measurement, Time and Money


Hello everyone - It's Stephanie from Huck!


Franca is not able to continue with the Math Foundations A class, and so I'm going to be taking over this class for her.  I'm so excited!  Math is my very favorite subject, and while I normally teach the older kids math classes, I've been teaching and tutoring younger kids in math for decades it seems.   The most important thing - to both Franca and myself - is that the kids at this stage enjoy math and get a strong foundation of numeracy.   We play lots of games so that the very basics of how numbers work together make sense to young children.  This takes some repetition!   So I'll be providing both one-time games and repeatable games. 


The Spring session is focused on Measurement, Time and Money with standards covering 1st and 2nd grade.   We'll spend about 3 weeks on each topic.  The lessons are not going to be too solidly designed because I like to maintain some level of fluidity to match the needs of the kids.   However, if I see that there are some foundational concepts that appear to be missing, I'll let you know.


The class will be a combination of live on-line with Zoom, and self-paced work that will be online and from their kits.  90 minutes live online is a lot for a child this age, so I am planning on providing about 40-45 minutes of Live Online, with the rest of the class being self paced. The most important thing is that the kids have a consistent experience of math; I like 20 minutes a day! 




Your kit will include supplies for all three topics!   Please allow the kids to play with the kit whenever they want to!   I'm also including little surprises that they might enjoy while being cooped up.   Don't forget that we have several Free and Fun activities set up for everyone this week and we'll be continuing that for our Huck families through the rest of the Spring session.


The kids will probably need you to get them started in the beginning, and then remind them after that.   But after watching the kids today on our Free and Fun Zoom Workshop - they were fine on their own!

If this doesn't sound like a good fit for your child, please let me know asap as I'm very busy making copies and putting together kits.  


Amber Buchele is also teaching a Math class for ages 5-6 at Huck.   If this Math Foundations class is too advanced for your child, please check out her class here.   She has made a video of her kit along with an in-depth description of the standards she will be teaching. 

Morgan Arriola is also teaching a Math class for ages 9-11 at Huck.   If this Math Foundations class is too easy for your child, you can consider hers!  You can find out more here.


If you have any questions, please let me know!   You can contact me at

Can't wait to see you in class!



Winter Session

Learners will develop a solid foundation of Subtraction through playing games and fun partner activities.
This class will be taught in a Math Workshop model to allow for direct instruction, discourse, games/centers and one-on-one instruction. In lieu of formal homework, students will take home a game each week to reinforce the math concept of the week.

• Count, write and understand numbers up to 10
• Has worked with Manipulatives as math learning tools (e.g. dice, cubes, etc)
• Understands how to add two groups

Week #1: Model Taking From
Week #2: Model Taking Apart
Week #3: Count Back From
Week #4: Number Bonds
Week #5: Using 10
Week #6: What is the Missing Number?
Week #7: Think Addition First
Week #8: Subtract All or Zero
Week #9: Friends of 10
Week #10: Part, Part, Whole