Frequently Asked Questions:


Is there any religious affiliation between HuckleBerry and the United Methodist Church?


No - there is no religous affiliation.   HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning currently offers classes in a church location.   This location is located centrally to both the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys, and allows us to provide our classes to the widest possible number of families while also providing a large number of rooms for classes and tutoring, a beautiful playground and a safe environment.  However, please know that we accept funds from charter schools, which are required by law to provide only non-sectarian educational services.    HuckleBerry does not provide religious instruction of any kind in our classes.




What are your rules about Health & Safety?


Please sign your children in and out of the center at the front desk each day.  Teens can sign themselves in and out.  Students cannot be left at the church at the end of the day, and they cannot walk away from the campus.    We have a late pick up fee if children are not picked up by 2:45.
Playing in the front of the church / parking lot is not permitted as there is traffic and we are not set up to watch this area.
Using the playground outside is not permitted unless there is a HuckleBerry teacher or volunteer, or the children’s parents in attendance.   If classes are running, only very quiet play is allowed on the playground.
Parents need to keep children that have a communicable illness at home.  If children get sick while at HuckleBerry, they will be removed from the class setting and wait in the sitting area for a parent to pick them up.  Please make sure we have your updated phone numbers next to your sign in.
Please notify Stephanie or the front desk immediately if your child has any communicable disease like Pink Eye, Strep Throat or Lice.   The other parents need to be notified if this is the case.
We can no longer allow dogs or other pets to be brought into the center, although they are welcome to be outside on the grass.


What is going on in my child’s class ? (Or how do I complete my Learning Records?)


We use Shutterfly to record our weekly activities.   You will be added to a group and sent an email letting you know you have been invited!   To find out what is going on, please log on to shutterfly and you will see a list of classes that your child attends at Huck.  Their homework will be listed on these sites, but even if there is no homework, these files will tell you about the day’s activities and will also include a syllabus.  These files are updated by Sunday of each week. Please make sure you can access this site for important information about your child’s class!  Contact us at for help accessing these files.  Note that if there is a syllabus that will indicate what is done each week, that will be posted at the beginning of the semester and weekly updates will not be done.


There is also a monthly Newsletter that will outline important events, field trips, crazy days and more at the Huck!  Please be sure to read them each month to stay informed, and also look for contests found within the newsletter!

Can I stay at HuckleBerry while my children are in class?


Yes!  There are benches on the playground and several chairs outside the classes that you can use.   You can also bring a picnic blanket!   You may also feel free to set up meetings with your charter school ES at HuckleBerry.  There is frequently an empty room available for meetings.   Please just check with the Front Desk Helper on room availability.   

What is the best way of keeping up with what’s going on at Huck?


The newsletter!   If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do so on our website.  We’ll make announcements about all kinds of special events throughout the year in the Newsletter.   There is also a large board at the sign in sheet that will have flyers announcing special events.   Please check it each week!

What is the Class Drop Policy?


You may switch to a different Huck class during the entire registration period and within the first two weeks of the class.   To switch classes, notify us at    


To switch to a different class:  You will be charged a standard $30 MATERIAL FEE along with the prorated fee of any classes that have occurred before we receive the switch class request.   Switching classes on the day of the class will incur the cost of that day's class.   Your new class will also be prorated so that you do not pay for classes unattended.

To drop a class:
Please choose your classes carefully.   We keep our class sizes small to enhance the learning experience, but this means that they can fill fast, and become unavailable to others.  Dropping classes affects our teachers and our community.

  • Dropping a class before the 2 weeks prior to classes starting:   You will be charged the standard $30 material fee. 

  • Dropping a class in the time period of 2 weeks before classes start through 2 weeks after classes start:   You will be charged the standard $30 material fee and a $50 drop fee.

  • Any class not dropped by the end of the 2nd week must be paid for in full within the trimester.   

Please note that if you leave your charter school, they will no longer pay for your classes and you will be responsible for paying for the portion that they will not cover.   Please contact us at at any time if you need to know your balance or your charter's balance.

What if I don’t understand my invoice, or I don’t get one?


Please tell the person at the front desk asap if you are not receiving a monthly invoice or if you will be paying cash for some of your classes. We have a lot to figure out with invoices with lots of changes to keep track of, and sometimes things will fall through the cracks.   Please help us improve this by letting us know if you thought you would be getting an invoice but you’re not.     


Your invoices will include a note that indicates if you have a Purchase Order that does not cover your entire bill. 


You will be charged if your charter school Purchase Order does not cover your entire bill.

When are payments due?


Payments are due on the 1st of each month and are subject to a late fee of $25 if received after the 10th of the month.    Payments may be made at the Learning Center or by sending them to:

HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning

24943 Greensbrier Drive, Stevenson Ranch, CA  91381


Parents are responsible for bills that their charter does not pay.  Any collection fees will be assessed if this becomes necessary.  Please understand that we are a very small center.   When invoices are not paid on time, it has a very negative effect on the entire center.