Essentials of Communication for Leadership


Teacher:  Carmell Marchino

Ages:  14+


Class Fees:

Winter & Spring:  10 weeks:  $277 or $267 if taking 2 or more classes




Goal Mapping & Personal Contribution: This class is all about learning how to turn any goal into action steps to success. In this class, the students will identify their passions & big ideas, and break that big dream down their own goal mapping project, with actionable steps to take today. Students will leave this class understanding how to break any goal they wish to attain into an actionable and measurable step by step process.. Duiring the class they will apply this process to achieve an 8 week goal.




Overcoming Insecurities & Growth Responsibility: The Fall Semester is focused on overcoming personal Insecurities and learning to take personal growth responsibility for emotional wounds, triggers, pain points, and those things that really get under our skin or push our buttons. Student will become adept and identifying where their insecurities and growth responsibility is through a series of hypothetical and real conflicts they may face. They will be given tools release anger or frustration and a practical path to overcome personal insecurities and trigger points so they can show up more grounded despite the contrast around them. The students will learn how to take personal responsibility for their own triggers as well as how to hold space for others.

Objectives of this class: Students will develop the ability to: 1- identify and take responsibility for their own triggers and insecurities , 2- know how to overcome grow past them.



The Empathetic Problem Solving: The Winter Quarter is all about applying the skills of empathetic problem solving, self respect and emotional maturity. When we operate from total self dominion, we are no longer so irked by others words or actions, but we can remain grounded and centered despite conflict around us, allowing ourselves the space to empathetically find effective solutions to the conflict at hand. Students will practice speaking up using key tools and phrases to get their perspective heard, understood and well received by the opposing party. Students will engage in personal discussions, practical application taking empathetic perspectives, and transforming conflict into opportunities for connection.

Objectives of this class: Students will develop the ability to: 1- stay calm and grounded despite conflict around them, 2- release the need to "be right" and solve conflicts empathetically and effectively.