Entrepreneurship 101



Teacher:   Nardie Santos

Ages:  12+


Class Fees:

Spring:  10 weeks:  $286 or $276 if taking 2 or more classes



In this introductory business course, students learn the basics of planning and launching their own successful business. Whether they want to start their own money-making business or create a non-profit to help others, this course helps students develop the core skills they need to be successful as an entrepreneur! They will learn how to come up with new business ideas, attract investors, market their business, and manage expenses. Students will hear inspirational stories of teen entrepreneurs who have turned their ideas into reality, and then they will plan and execute their own business.   They will also learn how to use social media as a medium in which they can advertise their products or even sell their products.  

Mini Projects 

  • Create a business plan for a business or product. 

  • Students will develop an advertisement for social media. It can be a video or a flyer  giving details about the product or the service the business provides.

  •  Students will get the chance to market their products or business in the community.