Drop Policy


Because we limit our class sizes to 12 students, it is important that our families choose classes carefully as many of our classes fill to capacity quickly, forcing families to make alternative choices.  



Early Drop Deadline:  Two weeks prior to classes starting

  • If you drop a class or switch to a different class before the early drop dealine, you will be charged a standard $30 materials fee.   If we fill your child’s spot in the class, we will waive the material fee charge.


From the time period of two weeks before classes start through two weeks after classes have started: 

  • If you switch to a different class, you will be charged a standard $30 material fee of the class that is being dropped, along with the prorated amount of the classes attended.  Dropping on the day of the class meeting will incur charges for that day.  Your new class will also be prorated.

  • If you drop your class without a replacement, you will be charged a standard $30 material fees and a $50 processing fee per class.   Material & processing fees will be waived if we can fill your child’s spot in the class from our wait list.



Drop Deadline:  End of day Friday of the 2nd week of classes

  • No drops or class switches are allowed after the drop deadline .  You will be charged for the entire cost of the class.


To drop a class, please send an email to huckclasses.invoicing@gmail.com, or come by our front office and fill out a drop request.


Special Notes:  

  • If there is a waiting list for the class, and a child takes the spot, material fees will not be charged. 

  • Families enrolled in charter schools, please contact your educational specialist/teacher for more information on whether they will cover fees if a class is dropped. Many charter schools will not cover these fees.