Class Drop Policy


HuckleBerry is a small non-profit community service organization.   Please know that dropping classes has a effect on our entire community.   If you have questions about a class, please contact the teacher prior to signing up to make sure the class will meet your expectations.

Below is the Drop Policy you agreed to when you signed up for classes at HuckleBerry.   All drops are processed by filling out the drop form from this page.

All class drops are subject to a minimum $50 administrative drop fee.  

Additional Late Drop Fees are listed below.

Drops that happen right before classes start are especially difficult to manage.  Please make sure you want your classes when you sign up!


From the time period of two weeks before classes start through Friday of the 2nd week:

SWITCHING CLASSES:  If you switch to a different class, you will be charged a $35 administrative fee, along with the prorated amount of any classes attended.  Dropping on the day of the class meeting will incur charges for that day.  Your new class will also be prorated, and there will likely be a new class material fee.

- DROPPING CLASSES:  If you drop a class without choosing a replacement class, you will be charged a $60 administrative fee per class.   Some portion of this fee may be refunded based on our ability to fill your child's spot.

NO DROPS ARE ALLOWED AFTER FRIDAY OF THE 2ND WEEK OF CLASSES.  You will be charged for the entire cost of the class.

Special Notes:  

    If we can replace your child's spot in a class, a portion of your drop fees may be refunded.

    Families enrolled in charter schools, please contact your educational specialist/teacher for more information on whether they will cover fees if a class is dropped. Many charter schools will not cover these fees.

Please note that if you leave your charter school, they will no longer pay for your classes and you will be responsible for paying for the portion that they will not cover.  


Please contact us at at any time if you need to know your balance or your charter's balance.