Drawing & Painting


Teacher:  Casandra Carrettini

Ages:  10-15


Class Fees:

Winter:  10 weeks:  $285 or $275 if taking 2 or more classes

Spring:  10 weeks:  $285 or $275 if taking 2 or more classes



This semester we will create a wordless illustration book!

First, students will do an exercise of facial expressions to learn how to tell a story trough images.

Then, students will start to brain-storm ideas and create a story board to plan the story of their book.

We will look at books like “The Lion and the Mouse” (by Jerry Pinkey) for inspiration on how to tell a story without words, and also “Olivia” for the ascetic of simple but captivating imagery.

 Students will spend the following weeks creating their stories, and the last day of class they will sew it together with the beautiful cover that they created!

Join us in this art adventure!!




Last semester we learned how to draw human anatomy in a realistic way, so this semester we will change proportion and dimension of the elements of the faces to create Stylized Art! Students will have a space to experiment and find themselves, to make creative art that is unique to them. To do this we will be inspired by an art movement that has its roots in Los Angeles, call Pop Surrealism. Also students will learn about the life and carrier of a famous artist, Margaret Keane, and her beautiful stylized art work that features people with big eyes. We will also explore how light describe the form by making a still life of their favorite object. This will help students gain an understanding of shadowing, mid tons and highlight lights that will bring their drawings to the next level. Join us in this art adventure !



FALL:   This session’s theme is The Human Body. Students will focus on understanding the human form by analyzing the structure, anatomy and proportions. This class will start with some simple warm ups to get the hand-eye coordination flowing and then delve closely into human anatomy to work towards a very realistic figure. Students will learn how to draw human figures by breaking down shapes into simple forms. They will learn about gesture, balance, proportions, shading and more. We will explore classical as well as contemporary figure drawing techniques and approaches to developing the human form. Emphasis is placed upon observation, line quality, volume, composition and originality. Techniques with graphite, charcoal, conté, colored pencil, and pastel are demonstrated and developed. After gaining confidence in their ability to draw realistically, students will learn about stylized art. To do so, students will explore the life, career and portrait creations of an important 20th century artist: Amedeo Modigliani. Students will create their own masterpiece inspired by the elongated figures, asymmetrical compositions and simple but monumental use of line presence in Modigliani’s portrait paintings. To do that, students will first practice by copying the portrait and then color in with oil pastels. Learning the basics of drawing a human anatomy is a great way to improve artistic toolbox. Understanding and practicing anatomical drawing can improve your art skill tremendously. Therefore you can create unique artworks that you will enjoy creating and sharing with others.  Join us in this art adventure!