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Cycles of Classes at HuckleBerry


Wondering if you should enroll in a class this year or wait until next year?  

We've created a schedule for some of our classes that will help with your planning!








The Writer's Path to Critical Thinking


Valencia Campus Only


Almost all of the courses in Holly Van Houten's Writer's Path to Critical Thinking series can be taken for up to three years.  All new literature will be assigned each year and students are encouraged to continue in the class so that they can master the concepts and read widely in the literature for each different age group.  All writing classes have students that are at differing levels of skill and mastery and this is what makes these classes so effective.  Less experienced students learn from discussing ideas and reading the work of their more experienced peers.  Those with more experience learn a tremendous amount by learning to articulate and explain areas of weaker writing and how to strengthen them.  Learning to spot and improve problems in the work of others is the fastest way to improve one's own writing.  There are immense benefits to taking these classes for all 3 years when possible, and Holly is happy to consult individually with parents and students about moving up to the next level.


High School Literature is actually a FOUR-year program focusing on these areas in literature each year:  American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, and Literary Genres.


Creative Writing and Keyboarding

The only course in Holly's "Writer's Path to Critical Thinking" series that does not repeat is Creative Writing and Keyboarding.  It is highly recommended that each student take this course for one year to ensure that their typing speeds can keep up with their thinking.  Writing can be tedious for those who must hunt and peck for each letter on the keyboard.  The Creative Writing that is done in this course also unleashes students' creativity, helping them gain confidence in their writing that transfers to their academic work.



High School Level Social Studies


Our High School Program is currently only at Huck Valencia.


While there are many high school level Social Studies classes offered each year at HuckleBerry, there are three standard classes that are taught on a yearly cycle in the following order:


US Government / Economics (2018-19)

US History (2019-20)

World History (2020-21)


Added to these classes are the many other choices for our high school students, including the following:


  • Model United Nations Club - a Collaborative Debate Experience at Huck and at local Universities with other high school students.   Offered Yearly based on interest.

  • Human Geography; Successful Societies and those that Collapse (based on Jared Diamond's Pulitzer Prize Winning Guns, Germs and Steal & Collapse)

  • Globalization and International Relations; A cross curriculur social science class that investigates political structures, history, culture differences, and the effects of globalization through the use of topical case studies, debate and simulations.

  • NY UPdate!   A Current Events class based on the NY Times for Teens magazine subscription!

  • Life Skills - Financial Literacy!   A Jr Achievement curriculum designed to teach life skills in Finances, Careers, Entrepreneurialism and more!

Science at HuckleBerry!


We take the sciences very seriously at Huck - for all age levels!  We've created both a standard cycle of classes that you can count on, along with a large number of additional choices each year!  The following classes only represent our planned out cycles of science, but do not include our other high quality choices in science.


High School Science

Valencia Campus Only

Every other year Huck offers either Biology with Labs or Chemistry with Labs.  

Added to these classes are other Science choices:

Physics, Psychology & Anthropology


Ages 11-14 - The Middle School Years

Each year our Middle School Science program will offer one of the following sciences, in addition to numerous other choices;

Earth Science, Life Science, Chemistry or Physics



Ages 8-11 - Science Investigators

Our Science Investigators Series has 3 cycles, with each series occuring every 3 years.  Each year we offer a Physical, Earth and Life Science, along with numerous other choices!

Series 1 (2018 - 2019)

Matter & It's Mysteries (Chemistry Based), Climate & Atmosphere, Jr. Ecology (Web of Life)

Series 2 (2019 - 2020)

All About Energy!, Jr. Geologists, Life from Cells to Systems

Series 3 (2020 - 2021)

Forces & Engineering, Space!, Marine Bio and Oceanography



Ages 5-8 - Science Explorers

Our Science Explorers Series has 3 cycles, with each series occuring every 3 years.   Each year we offer a Physical, Earth and Life Science!

Series 1 (2018 - 2019)

Light & Energy, Weather Systems, Animal Habitats & Classification

Series 2 (2019 - 2020):  

Measure That Matter!, Rock Hounds, Biomes, Ecosystems & Insects

Series 3 (2020 - 2021): 

Forces & Simple Machines, Astronomy, Our Green World