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Looking for a better way to do High School?

Customized High School 

 just for you with Huck's A-G college prep classes.

Everyone  should love their High School experience

High School is a very important time in a kids life and at Huck students and parents can design their own college Prep A-G or NON A-G program with small expert-led class​es and a personalized schedule.

College Ready

No more running the gauntlet of public high school.  Create a truly impressive college transcript targeted for your dream school.

Small Class Sizes

Our intimate class sizes are ideal to encourage teachers and students to have strong disscussions and build better relationships with their fellow students.

Expert Teachers

Classes will be taught by a combination of credentialed teachers & subject experts!  HuckleBerry has been finding and hiring expert teachers since 2007. 



The level of instruction and small class sizes allows parents and students to create an exceptional education that costs a fraction of the great private school.

Professor & Students

A beautiful High school Experience

Fall Enrollment Is Coming Soon!

This could be your best school year yet!


High School can be the most empowering part of your child's education.  With choices at Community Colleges, Learning Centers like HuckleBerry, private tutoring, internships, travel and  community service work, your student has the opportunity to design and define how they want to approach and succeed in their own education.


Stephanie Berry

Executive Director and HuckleBerry Founder

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