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Donna Connolly

BA Philosophy

Donna Connolly taught for several years with LAUSD teaching ESL and with Burbank Unified School District as a substitute school teacher. As a substitute, she had the opportunity to teach many subjects and grade levels.  After the birth of her first son, Donna left the workforce to become a full time mom. As a stay-at-home mom, she spent little time at home. For three years, Donna sat on the Scholarship Board at Mission College and worked briefly as the Executive Director and fundraiser.  She has volunteered in the field of education and with community organizations, writing posts for education blogs and Letters to the Editor.   Donna decided to pull her oldest child out of public school and homeschool. It's been an exciting and wonderful new adventure. As a homeschooler, Donna has taken her love of learning, teaching experience and passion for history and developed a course for HuckleBerry!   She is a UCLA graduate with a degree in Philosophy, and believes the number one goal of any instructor is to instill a love of learning in the students he or she is honored to teach.

Current Events with The Week Magazine

Ages:  11-13


PreReqs: Must be able to read to be successful in this class.


Materials: The Week Junior Magazine will be provided

Homework:   Students will need to read an assigned article at home to discuss and possibly debate in class.  One session-end project will be completed by students on the event that they find the most interesting or impactful


Class Description:   

This year-long class will cover 36 issues of The Week Junior Magazine. In each edition, students will read about and discuss the most exciting news stories from the United States and around the globe. Our weekly class discussions will encourage kids to examine both sides of a current topic, think critically, explore different points of view, and form their own opinions.


Included in the magazine, are easy-to-understand articles on exciting scientific developments and discoveries. It also includes exciting news from professional sports and arts and entertainment offering the latest reviews of family-friendly movies, music, books, games, and apps. 


If that’s not enough, the magazine also includes hands-on crafts (which we will be doing in class), fun puzzles and a weekly quiz.


Each student will take home their own magazine each week to read and explore in their free time.

Our Magazine

The Week Junior is a weekly news magazine that helps Middle School students make sense of the world with topical and timely takes on a broad range of subjects. In 32 colorful pages, the magazine provides context and clarity on complex issues and current events, encouraging lively classroom discussions and debates.

  • Trustworthy, accurate, and unbiased editorial enables students to form and express their own opinions.

  • A range of stories on current events and news from nature, science, technology, sports, culture, and the world of books offer something to engage every student.

  • By making each subject exciting and immediate, these pages help instill a love of reading and learning that will last a lifetime.


Donna Connolly

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