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Critical Learning for High Schoolers!


The world is changing SO FAST that sometimes, it's hard to keep up with it all!   Sometimes, all of the unknowns can make us nervous.   But High School is a time to be FEARLESS!   We will start our time together in the fall with a very necessary exploration of the careers of the future.   And since no one really knows what these are, we'll be looking at trends in environmental science, Big Data, BioInformatics, HealthCare, Engineering, Entertainment, Gaming and more.   We'll also be looking at new models for Entrepreneurs and different types of work environments.   When we look at the future from this exciting perspective, it's a lot easier to design the skills we want to acquire during high school, the projects to want to experience, internships we want to design, and more.   Our final project will be a technology presentation of careers we find interesting, including interviews, analysis, graphs and statistics, and what skills are necessary for that career.


Winter:   Your Body, Your Health

Our Winter session will focus on ways to stay healthy, especially for teens.   We'll look at what lack of sleep does to the brain, what exercise does, why hydration is so necessary and many other aspects of mental and physical health.   Students will be keeping a diary of both healthy habits they are creating, and unhealthy habits they are trying to break throughout this session.  

Spring:  Finances you NEED to understand

This might be the most important session in this class.   Students will look at the cost of education and student loans, consumer debt, employment taxes and federal taxes, the divide between home owners and non home owners, passive and active income, savings plans, stock market investments and more!   Expect your child to be asking for an IRA to be started in their name soon!