Creative Writing
Using US History Literature
Ages 9-12
MaryAnne DeGeeter
In this class, students will be able to create sequenced pieces of writing; know who the main and supporting characters are and why they are important in the story; know what the plot and theme are in a story and how they came to that conclusion; and be able to recognize a conflict in the story and what was the resolution. Students will create their own pieces of creative writing using all of these elements, along with time elements, character development, and more! Come work on building your skills in Telling a Story!
We will also be writing one to two quick writes in class each week. Because we learn so much about how to construct a story through our reading, we will be reading books and discussing them in the class. We will be focusing on U.S. history this year, like the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and reading these books: "Blood on the River: James Town, 1607"; "I Survived the American Revolution, 1776"; "Just A Few Words, Mr. Lincoln"; "Freedom Crossing"; and "The Underground Railroad". (Some of these may change based on student interest.)