Creative Writing


Teacher:   Ellen Hillman

Ages: 8-1

Cost:   $240 or $230 / trimester if taking 2 or more classes.   Can be split into 3 equal payments.

Mat Fees:  $30


Fall In Love With Writing this year with our suite of Creative Writing classes!    This is both a literature class AND a writing class as we read classic stories (both new and old!) and use these wonderful stories as a model for our own creative processes!   Creative Writing is the perfect place to start becoming a writer!   Our earliest years are when we are full of wonderful stories, and Creative Writing gives us both an outlet and a structure for becoming a writer.  Analytical writing will come that much easier when the idea of structure in writing is learned during the Creative Writing process.   Hope to see you in class!



During this trimester we will focus on poetry, and the use of poetic devices in our creative writing.  We'll explore different forms of poetry including acrostics, cinquains and haikus.  We'll learn about couplets, triplets and quatrains.  We'll become savvy in recognizing and writing similes and metaphors.  After studying about rhyming, repetition, and patterns, we'll combine all that we have learned and written into a beautifully illustrated booklet highlighting our very own original work!



Our fall trimester is full of fun writing experiences as we learn many different types of creative writing and then practice writing ourselves!   When we learn about Point Of View, we'll read from Diary of a Worm (or some other insect!), talk about Point Of View, and then write our own Diary story about an animal of our choice!   We'll move on to hone our descriptive writing on our next project all about setting!    After these projects, our writers will be ready to create their own story, so we'll expand our creative writing by inventing our own dragon or ther mystical beast,  and writing an adventure story about Bravery - our Huck theme of the year!   We'll explore setting, character development, plot, and more as we write about our creature's experiences, how they tackled a problem and followed their own heroes journey.   This will also give us an opportunity to add artwork to our stories either through our own drawings or a collage made from artwork found online.   Students will love exploring their story and adding more details when they are in control!