hucklearning | Creating with Clay 2 2020 2021

Intermediate Clay Artists

Toolkits will be provided for use but must be returned at end of class (or end of online class)

This class will be open to students who have completed 3 trimesters

(Parts A, B and C) of Creating with Clay 1.


Students can start during the 2nd or 3rd trimester as long as they have completed the skill sets in Creating with Clay 1.   Students will be responsible for their work in this class, and will need to complete all of their own art.


Fall, Winter and Spring Trimesters

In this intermediate course on ceramics, students will continue to broaden their understanding of the technical aspects of ceramics including different types of firing techniques, ingredients in clay and glazes as well as hone their skills in the basic construction techniques previously learned. Projects will begin to include more slab construction and more sculptural techniques. Students will begin to develop their design/artistry skills as well by reviewing the work of other artists in the field. Projects will include more complex figures of animals, dinosaurs in standing poses, mythical creatures, fantasy architectural details such as bridges, doorways and window scenes. We may make a Tree of Life, mosaic tray or stepping stone, and utilitarian vessels such as larger bowls and platters. Work will match the students’ interest and skill.

Creating with Clay 2