Dear Huck Parents,


We wanted to reach out to your all and let you know that as the COVID-19 virus becomes more widespread, we at Huck are taking this issue very seriously, and have come up with a series of changes to help keep everyone at Huck healthy, and continue to provide educational experiences safely.  We are keeping up with the CDC, EPA & Hart District recommendations on a daily basis to guide our decisions to keep your children healthy.


Please remember that HuckleBerry is not a school!   Please check with your school to determine what their rules are regarding attending on-site classes, online classes, tutoring and other educational opportunities.  


First of all, we are extending our Spring Break by one week.   Spring Break will now be 2 weeks, occurring from 3/17 – 3/27.  Our planned start of the Spring session is 3/31.   This will enable us to prepare better for the Spring session.


The following is our newest list of policies designed for health and contingencies:


  • We are continuing our disinfecting policies; our tables will be cleaned with disinfectants before and after every class, our students will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer as they enter our classes and after going to the bathroom, sneezing or coughing.    High touch areas are sanitized daily.  


  • We are discontinuing “tours” of HuckleBerry during our hours of operation to ensure that only people in our community are on our campus.


  • Our Annual Picnic in Valencia scheduled for April is officially cancelled.  We hope to reschedule this during a healthier time so that we can all get together and play!


  • Our Spring session will have some changes that we believe will keep our campus healthier.  


  • We will be staggering our breaks to reduce the number of children on break at any given time.   We are currently finalizing this new schedule and will make it available next week.   While the times of our classes are changing very little, it will have a large impact on reducing the number of students that are at recess and lunch at any given time.


  • We are asking people to not have physical contact with each other.   Please talk to your child about not sharing food, and restricting physical contact during this time.   We have invested in several new games that we think the children will all enjoy during breaks, but will not encourage physical contact.


  • We are in the process of creating contingency plans for all of our classes should we need to temporarily shut down our facility.   Our contingency plans include a variety of different educational options; live online learning, sometimes with kits of supplies provided by our teachers, online learning that can be done at your convenience, extending classes into the month of June, limiting our on-campus presence to only our youngest learners, where online learning is not a good option, and small group learning.  Each of our classes lends itself to different contingency options.    As we complete our comprehensive plans next week, we will make them available.


Health rules.


  • Our teachers and administrators need to know if your child has allergies!  Please inform us by stopping by the office or emailing us at so that we can update your child’s profile in our registration system.


  • Our policy for children that are currently ill remains unchanged; children that are sick should stay home.   We will now ask parents to pick up their children if they have a temperature or are actively coughing.   We are also asking all parents to keep children home for 72 hours after a fever has occurred.



We have had to temporarily raise our prices $2/class to help us with an amazing array of new expenses associated with this virus.  If your family is under financial duress, please let us know so that we can make any necessary adjustments.


We want to thank all of our families!  You have provided us with so much support and ideas for continuing to serve our community.    We look forward to providing more information next week about our contingency plans as we complete development of them.