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Sara Olds

BA - Humanities

MA - American Fine & Decorative Arts

Sara Olds received her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Brigham Young University, and her Masters of Arts in American Fine and Decorative Arts from The Sotheby's Institute in New York. Sara also completed training in Arts Integration at The Crystal Bridges Museum....


Along with her focused study in business, her academic and work careers have given her unique insight into the practical application of the arts within various academic disciplines. Her interest in education blossomed during her master's program, when she recognized the failings of the traditional school system to encourage and teach individuals to learn to learn, and love to learn. She also became keenly aware of  the  Humanities' unique ability to unite information from various fields and solidify understanding of new material. The Humanities also indirectly teach skills for life, including critical analysis, empathy, and tolerance to name a few.


In addition to her love of the arts, Sara loves to teach. She has taught everything from swim lessons, to voice & piano lessons, to operating her own summer camp. Inspired by her second grade teacher, Sara believes learning is, and should be fun! 

Exploring America: US Geography

Ages: 6-9

Location: In-Person & Online

Homework: none

PreReqs: If online - the ability to write a simple sentence

Materials: Kits will be provided for online students

In this fun and engaging geography class, we will be learning all about the states that make up our country! We will travel across America following the order each state joined the Union. In addition to learning the basic skills of reading a map, like learning directions and how to use the Compass Rose, we will also learn interesting and significant information about each state. In this year-long study we will focus on learning about defining features of each state, significant events and people, different cultures, important places, National parks and monuments, as well as state capitals, flowers and animals. We will put together US map puzzles, learn our national symbols, listen to and learn patriotic songs and The Pledge of Allegiance along with other fun US trivia!


We start our state study in Fall with the original 13 Colonies from New Hampshire to South Carolina. Then we will be spreading north to Maine and south to Louisiana. Along with learning these states, we will learn about our gift from France, the Statue of Liberty; the Brooklyn Bridge, skyscrapers, the Boston Tea Party, a brief overview of the Revolutionary War, hurricanes, humid climate, plantations, and about our capital, Washington DC. We will make a model of the Brooklyn bridge, a skyscraper from New York City, a model or drawing of our capital in Washington, D.C., and a plantation pop-up from the Southeast.


In the Winter we will follow the westward expansion into the Midwest and the Great Plains, learning about the important role these states play in our country’s agriculture. We will learn about The Great Lakes, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO, Michigan - the land of 10,000 lakes, how the Midwest is landlocked, and the dangers of Tornado Alley. We will attempt to make  a paper model of Mount Rushmore and a tornado in a bottle.


California here I come…in the spring, we will cover The West and Southwest, including California and the second largest city in the United States, Los Angeles. We will learn about the trails that brought settler’s west - not just The Oregon Trail but Route 66 too! Students will create their own characters inspired by Route 66 and the movie Cars. We will learn about the Golden Gate Bridge, the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and other national parks. We will learn about the climate such as the dry arid deserts, and we will learn about earthquakes.


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