Karen Baughm

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BA Theater

MA Creative Writing


Karen Baughn is a Los Angeles based teacher, actor, improviser, and writer. A high school apprenticeship with the Idaho Shakespeare festival sparked passion for the theater, which brought her from her hometown of Boise, Idaho all the way to Occidental College in the heart of Los Angeles where she earned her honors in Theater. She went on to study at The London Dramatic Academy, Improv Olympic Chicago, UCB, The Groundlings, and Bang Comedy Studio to develop her skills as a character actor and director. She also recently graduated with her Masters in Professional Creative Writing from the University of Denver. 

In the midst of her studies, Karen was also teaching. After three years of teaching for Occidental Children’s Theater, Karen successfully partnered with OCT and UCLA to bring her own curriculum to a local high school to teach underserved teens the positive influence of improv. In addition, Karen has taught sketch at iO West, musical theater at A Time for Dance, and coached improv at UCB.   Karen has been with Shakespeare Kids from the beginning and is a much loved teacher!

Karen and Cy Brown will be backups for each other this year!

Swords & EPIC Battles!
A course in history wrapped up in Physical Education and Swords!

Ages 10+

Homework:  Optional!  But we think they'll want to practice :)  Students will also be asked to research upcoming battles and bring in fun facts!

This program lasts for an entire year of new eras in history, and as with our other classes, you can sign up for 1 or more of the sessions.

What was the Battle of Troy really all about and why were those guys inside that horse? 

Where does the word “marathon” come from? 

Did a battalion of 300 Greek soldiers really defeat 150,000 Persian soldiers?


Let’s find out as we travel back into the past and explore the battles and stories in history. In this program, students will learn all about the history in Battle and Wars of the past while exploring stage combat with a combination of in-depth hand-to-hand and sword. Students will be invited to learn at home and bring in fun facts about the era or the assigned battle/war of that week.  This program provides a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere where students will be encouraged to make bold and creative acting choices, while also developing new levels of personal confidence and ensemble skills.  Emphasis will be placed on safety, physical fitness and teamwork. Students will get a healthy workout while incorporating history and acting into safe, fun combat lessons! 


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