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Everest Turner

BS Nutritional Sciences

MS Biomedical Science

Everest Turner is a South Florida native and Southern California implant. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Nutritional and Natural Sciences and Master's degree in Biomedical Science she has committed herself fully to educating the future and building up the next generation of scientific world changers. Today, Everest can be found laying the foundation of knowledge through teaching both K-12 and post-secondary education as well as tutoring all while applying to the Medical Doctorate Program to become a family medicine physician to assist both children and adults with becoming healthier and more wholesome. 

Science Matters 2

Ages 9-11

Homework:  Optional

Material Kits will be provided in class.  For those students taking this class online, material kits will be mailed. 

In our Science Matters classes, kids will get to investigate 3 different sciences throughout the year.  Classes are full of hands-on experiments and activities designed to make kids fall in love with science!  Science Matters 2 will cover the same topic as Science Matters 1, but will be more in-depth and include additional math and science topics.

Fall:  Food Science & Nutrition!

Familiar with the phrase "you are what you eat?” This course will explore the effect of different nutrients on the body and how a variety of food groups are vital for optimal nutrition. Students will learn all about the science of nutrition through hands-on cooking activities, fun interactive meal planning workshops and more! Students will look at food labels and learn what they mean.  What's a portion?  How much sugar is in different foods and drinks?   We'll also learn about food from around the world!  Where do certain foods grow?  How do people in other climates get their nutrition?  Students will gain an understanding of global healthcare and explore food from different cultures around the world!   It's food, science and geography!  Let's cook up a healthy appetite and use science to explain how food nourishes in more ways than we think! 

Winter:  Mad Science Chemistry

We'll be exploring all things chemistry with hands-on experiments where we make things pop, fizz and more!   What happens when you add vinegar to baking soda?    Slime anyone?   Leave the mess to us as our kids practice hypothesizing and experimenting with all different kinds of liquids and solids to learn about chemistry! 

Spring:  Vet Science
Let's learn all about the science of your pets and other animals!  What would it be like to take care of different animals from around the world?   From anatomy to nutrition, we'll learn all about the needs of different animals, how they survive and thrive, and what it takes to be a pet owner! 


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