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Debbie Walker

BS Physics
​Debbie Walker is an experienced science teacher that brings Physics to life for students by incorporating real world examples into her lessons and creates a fun classroom atmosphere by promoting questions and discussion.  Debbie earned her Bachelor's degree in Physics with a minor in Psychology from Scripps College in Claremont, CA.  She spent 5 years teaching high school AP Physics, Physics and Chemistry.

 She took several years off teaching to pursue a full time position of Mom to her three wonderful children and two dogs.   She resumed her career by teaching hands-on science to elementary school children throughout Los Angeles with Quest in Science and has been with them since 2010.  She loves basketball and has enjoyed coaching her son's basketball team!   She is excited to be working with the students and families of HuckleBerry and looks forward to a great year!

Science Investigators

Teacher:  Debbie Walker

Age: 9-11

Fall Quarter 2023 – Forces and Engineering
Students will enjoy exploring how and why objects move. Newton’s three laws will be investigated with exciting hands-on experiments. They will learn about inertia, acceleration, unbalanced forces, friction and gravity. They will race toy cars, push blocks, drop balls, build towers, and much more. Students will explore the engineering process and design their own project to test at the end of the course.

Winter Quarter 2024 - Air and Space
This Quest in Science course will launch our Science Investigators into the fascinating study of Air and Space Travel. They will explore the world of airplanes, rockets, astronauts, and space. Students will experiment with air mass and air pressure. They will examine how an airplane maneuvers by controlling its pitch, yaw and roll. They will explore our solar system, examine gravity on multiple planets and the concept of weightlessness. They will hypothesize how ordinary toys would behave in outer space. Students will experiment with balloon rockets to develop an understanding of action/reaction. They will graduate from the space academy and create their own space suit for their future adventures in space.


Spring Quarter 2024 - Investigation and Experimentation
Science is fun! This spring, Quest in Science presents Investigation and Experimentation! This exciting hands-on science course is designed to stimulate curiosity and interest in science through exciting investigations and experiments. Students will learn the scientific method and develop their own study of a topic that interests them most. This class will conclude with a complete science fair project created by each student. They will present their project at our brand-new Science Fair!


Our Science Investigators Series has 3 cycles, with each series occurring every 3 years. 

Each year we offer a Physical, Earth and Life Science, along with numerous other choices!

Series 1 (2021-2022): 

Fall:  Matter & It's Mysteries (Chemistry Based)

Winter:  Climate & Atmosphere

Spring:  Jr. Ecology (Web of Life)

Series 2 (2022-2023): 

Fall:  All About Energy!

Winter:  Jr. Geologists

Spring:  Life from Cells to Systems

Series 3 (2023-2024): 

Fall:  Forces & Engineering,

Winter:  Space!

Spring:  Marine Bio and Oceanography


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