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Spanish I


Class teacher:  Nathaly Hernandez


Ages:  6-9 & 9-12

Classes will cover the same units but with different depth, practice and games / activities.


Homework:   Provided


Prerequisites:   You do not need any prior Spanish skills to take this class, but students will need to be able to recognize letters, read simple words and write.


Type of Class:   This class is designed to enhance your HomeSchooling.  Students will need to practice their new language skills at home to truly learn this new language!  Homework and links to additional learning will be made available.


Class Description:

The emphasis on the beginning term of this class is to learn the basics!  Alphabet sounds, numbers, seasons, colors, greetings and many many nouns!  Students will use their new vocabulary to form sentences and engage in simple conversations.  We will also learn about Latino/Hispanic culture, art and music!  Our learning is designed to be a fun experience designed in themes and including games, projects, writing and play-acting so that we are always practicing our new language skills!


Our activities will include:

  • Conversations!  Show off your previously learned skills and practice new ones!

  • In class experiences!  We’ll be tasting new foods, practicing new dance moves, learning songs and more to help us remember our new sounds and words and so much more!

  • Projects / Independent Research!  Study something new at home and bring it to class to share!

  • Out of classroom experiences!  You’ll have optional homework and links to lots of learning experiences that you get to share with your family and friends at home, and then bring back to class!

  • Performance!  At the end of each session we’ll be able to show off what we’ve learned to family and friends!



In the fall we will focus on our first three units of learning so that we have all the basic building blocks to use for the rest of the year!

Unit 1

  • Alphabet sounds (and songs!)

  • Numbers

  • Colors

  • Basic nouns and verbs

  • Shapes and Sizes

Unit 2

  • Who are you?  - Quien eres?

  • Where do you live?  - Donde vives?

  • Countries  -  Paises

  • Nationality -  Nacionalidad

  • Languages  - Idiomas

  • When I grow Up - Cuando sea grande

Unit 3

  • People - La gente

  • My family - mi familia

  • Descriptions & Personalities - Descripciones y personalidad

  • Feelings - sentimientos

  • Parts of the body - partes del cuerpo

  • Clothes - ropa


Winter:  We’ll continue practicing what we learned in the fall and adding new vocabulary and grammar to our language skills!  We might get through all of these units, but we might spend more time on each unit to solidify and enjoy our learning!  If we don’t finish these, we’ll continue on in the Spring!

Unit 4

  • At Home!  - En la casa

  • Rooms & furniture - Cuartos y muebles

  • Outside - Afuera

  • Chores - Quehaceres domesticos

  • Pets - Animales domesticos

Unit 5

  • Food & Drink! - Comida y bebida

  • Meals & Courses - Comidas y platos

  • Fruits & Vegetables - Frutas y vegetales

  • Drinks & Desserts - Bebidas y Postres

Unit 6

  • Places & Things - Lugares y cosas

  • Shopping & errands - Compras y mandados

  • Transportation - transportes

  • Vacation - vacaciones



Unit 7 

  • Time & Dates!  Hora & feches

  • Days, Months & Seasons - Dias, meses y estaciones

  • What is today?  Cual es la fecha de hoy?

  • Weather - tiempo

  • Holidays! - Dias festivos

  • Birthdays! - Cumpleanos

Unit 8

  • Just for fun! - Solo para diversion

  • Sports - Deportes

  • Games - Juegos

  • Amusement Park! -  Parque de diversiones

  • Activities - Actividades

  • Arts & Crafts - Arte y manualidades

Nathaly Hernandez Diaz

In my native Venezuela, I taught Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish for 15 years with a bachelor’s degree in Education specializing in Biology and Chemistry from Universidad Catolica del Tachira. UCAT.
I moved to the United States in 2015 with the purpose of continuing my career here and have been happily teaching both Spanish and Science since I arrived!  I love to share my native language and culture with new language learners of all ages, and like to use a method of teaching that incorporates what students want to learn about.  I'm always asking "what are you interested in?" to help guide how I present my lessons to students.  In my classes, we use a lot of music and movement to help students enjoy their lessons and remember their new language skills! 

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