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Teacher:  Nadene King

Ages:   ability based

Note:   All homework will be passed out in class.  If a student misses class the homework can be printed from the Google Classroom.


Homework:  REQUIRED - 1-2 hours / week

Prerequisites:  PreAlgebra skills

Type of Class:  This is a standalone Algebra class.  You can use this as your only Algebra curriculum as it is standards based, includes homework, quizzes and tests.  You will receive homework in every class.  Grades are based on homework, quiz scores and test scores.  If you are using this class as a supplement to your at-home curriculum, please let us know!

This is a standards based year-long class which will cover all Algebra I concepts.  Many of the concepts in Algebra I have been covered in our PreAlgebra class, but we will start with a review to make sure everyone remembers the basics!   Students can use this class as their sole curriculum for Algebra I as all of the standards will be covered by using the online book, homework, answer key and class work!  Homework will be given in each class.  Quizzes will be given at the end of each unit.


Topics to be covered are:


Functions (review, writing, graphing, sketching), Linear Functions (transforming, contextualizing, comparing, solving, Systems of Linear Functions (substitution, elimination, inspection and inequalities)


Exponential Functions (rational exponents, exponential functions, transformations, solving and comparing), Polynomials and Quadratics (functions, graphing, factoring, completing the square, transforming), Solving Equations with Quadratics (the quadratic formula, Creating, Comparing and Solving, 1 and 2 variable quadratics)


Pythagorean Theorem Applications (2D & 3D, Distance Formula), Piecewise Functions (Absolute Value, Step Functions & Others), Descriptive Statistics (uni and bi-variate data, Representing, Analyzing and Functions of Best-Fit)

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