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Debbie Walker

BS Physics
​Debbie Walker is an experienced science teacher that brings Physics to life for students by incorporating real world examples into her lessons and creates a fun classroom atmosphere by promoting questions and discussion.  Debbie earned her Bachelor's degree in Physics with a minor in Psychology from Scripps College in Claremont, CA.  She spent 5 years teaching high school AP Physics, Physics and Chemistry.

 She took several years off teaching to pursue a full time position of Mom to her three wonderful children and two dogs.   She resumed her career by teaching hands-on science to elementary school children throughout Los Angeles with Quest in Science and has been with them since 2010.  She loves basketball and has enjoyed coaching her son's basketball team!   She is excited to be working with the students and families of HuckleBerry and looks forward to a great year!

Science Explorers:  2023 - 2024

Teacher:  Debbie Walker

Age: 6-9

Fall: Forces & Simple Machines

Winter:  Astronomy

Spring:  Our Green World

Fall Quarter 2023 - Forces and Simple Machines
This exciting, hands-on course by Quest in Science will give students the knowledge of how objects move and work. They will learn about inertia and forces. They will experiment with toy cars to understand energy input/output relationships. Students will compare how objects are affected by gravity. They will work with inclined planes, levers, pulleys, gears and observe how these simple machines can work together. At the end of the course, students will create their own invention to present to the class.

Winter Quarter 2024 – Awesome Astronomy
This quarter Quest in Science will provide a special hands-on science program called Awesome Astronomy! The purpose of this course is to stimulate curiosity and interest in science through exciting experiments and activities. During this course, students will explore topics in astronomy by building a simple telescope, modelling crater formation on the Moon’s surface, investigating the forces that keep outer space objects together and moving, creating constellation models, and much, much more!

Spring Quarter 2024 - Our Green Earth
This quarter, our Science Explorers will not only learn the biology of plants but also gain a greater appreciation of Our Green Earth. In this stimulating hands-on science course from Quest in Science, students will study how plants grow, what they need to survive and what each part of a plant does. We will observe seed germination, compare various varieties of seeds, and dissect both a seed and a flower. Each student will make their own “Green Guy” to take home and learn what plants need to grow. We will
end this wonderful unit with a plant party for both students and families!

Our Science Explorers Series has 3 cycles, with each series occurring every 3 years.  

That means that kids can continue to take Science Explorers

for 3 years before they repeat a subject!

Each year we offer a Physical, Earth and Life Science!

Series 1 (2021-2022): 

Fall:  Light & Energy

Winter:  Weather Systems

Spring:  Animal Habitats & Classification


Series 2 (2022-2023):  

Fall:  Measure That Matter!,

Winter:  Rock Hounds

Spring:  Biomes, Ecosystems & Insects


Series 3 (2023-2024): 

Fall:  Forces & Simple Machines

Winter:  Astronomy

Spring:  Our Green World


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