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Skylar Hogan

BA - History

Yes, it's our very own Skylar Hogan teaching at HuckleBerry!   Having just graduated with her degree in History, Skylar is joining our Social Studies team to bring a hands-on robust experience of history to our community!   She knows what she loved the best about being homeschooled; hands-on classes, fun projects and discussing great books.  She's bringing all of that and more to HuckleBerry!  

Our Beautiful State - The History of California!

Ages:  6-8


History is a fabulous story, so in this series of classes we will be listening to wonderful stories, coloring maps and engaging in projects everyday that will help us to learn the story of our own world.   We'll learn about ancient people like the Egyptians, Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians.  We'll learn about early writing, how laws came into being, and beautiful cities from all over the world!  Greek and Roman mythology will come alive, and we'll learn about Hammarabi, Alexander the Great, Plato and more!  


Ancient History is so much fun for kids to learn!   Some of the projects we'll be doing in class include building pyramids, stone tables, practicing cuneiform and hieroglyphics and making their own mummies!  Each day we'll do map work and coloring pages while we listen to our short story about Ancient Times.  Our projects allow kids to really understand and remember the ideas and contributions from ancient civilizations.   It also helps them understand the world as they engage in coloring maps about the places they are learning about, and comparing them to the globe so they can see where they are, and where all these other fascinating places are.   Come join us as we travel around the ancient world and make history come alive!


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