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Founder - HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning
A home schooling educator for many years, I've taught classes in most subjects, and I love to teach Geography!   As a student of history and culture, I love opening doors for students to understand and fall in love with the culture, cities, landmarks and people in the world around them!  I've traveled extensively while running a small adventure scuba diving company many years ago, but still love to show the world to people!

World Geography

Ages:  9-11

From the Mountains of Kilimanjaro to the coral reefs of Indonesia, the world is truly a wondrous place to explore!   This class is intended as an introduction to some of the world's most unique and important places.   We'll explore the habitat of the Mountain Gorillas in East Africa, the beauty of the Northern Lights, the ancient trade routes through Timbuktu and so much more!  Each week we will do mapwork to orient ourselves in the world, look at images or short films of our location, and then deepen our learning through art, projects, book making, map making, travel magazine creation and more.   We'll listen to some famous and some not so famous stories that help us to understand the culture of our locations.  Sometimes we'll get a food treat to really immerse ourselves, and many times the class will get choices on where they want to go to next.   


In the fall session we will focus our studies on the continent of Africa.  With 54 countries to choose from, we'll never understand them all!   So instead we will divide the continent into regions and study countries from each region.   While in Morocco we'll learn why their history is so diverse and then do a deep dive into the medieval of Marrakesh.   We'll build our own version of this maze-like wonderland and decide what would be the best things to sell!   We'll quickly move to Sub-Saharan Africa as we trace the salt trades through Mali, and then move to East Africa learning about the tribes in Kenya and Tanzania, the wonderful game parks where we'll learn about the Big 5 cats, the dangerous water buffalos and many other animals!  We'll see  how they balance the needs of wild animals and humans, see examples of beautiful woven garments of nomadic people and then make our own patterns when we learn about Kente  cloth.  We'll learn about famous people, landmarks and stories of this amazing continent and end our session with presentations from our class about their favorite country.


Winter is a fun time to move to South America where we'll include a visit to the Antarctic!   We'll visit the Galapagos Islands to see Marine Iguanas, Whale Sharks and penguins!  In Peru we will visit Machu Picchu and the ancient Inca Trail and then create our own travel guide to this famous area of the world!   We'll study the rain forests in Brazil, volcanoes in Costa Rica, and the Blue Hole of Belize!  This session will be a mix of art projects, STEM explorations and writing as we explore some of the most exciting areas of South America!


Everything is starting to come to life in the Spring as we move to Scandinavia, Russia and Eastern Europe!   If we have time, we'll drop down into Greece as well.  We'll see ice palaces, canals, fields of flowers, onion shaped towers and so much more!  This session will also include several STEM lessons as we understand the Northern Lights, the arctic tundra and engineering marvels throughout Eastern Europe.



Stephanie Berry