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Everest Turner

BS Nutritional Sciences

MS Biomedical Science

Everest Turner is a South Florida native and Southern California implant. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Nutritional and Natural Sciences and Master's degree in Biomedical Science she has committed herself fully to educating the future and building up the next generation of scientific world changers. Today, Everest can be found laying the foundation of knowledge through teaching both K-12 and post-secondary education as well as tutoring all while applying to the Medical Doctorate Program to become a family medicine physician to assist both children and adults with becoming healthier and more wholesome. 

Math Games & Projects 1

Games, Manipulatives and more!


Ages 6-8 and others that are operating at this math level

Prerequisites:  Should recognize numbers 1-20, be able to understand simple addition / subtraction concepts


Games, activities and mini projects are such a natural and fun way to learn about math, and way more effective than a worksheet!  Kids will be doing so much more mental math when they can see and touch our friendly manipulatives, and then play a game.  So much of math involves understanding the pattern that is being used, so in this class we will have a warm up activity to get our math-brains going, and then have a quick lesson that will help us understand a new concept.  Then we’ll move into our games or activities part of the class.   With each new concept, we’ll break up the class with mini-lessons and then a game or activity to help with understanding.  

Fall:   Place value, number bonds (fact families) multi-digit addition and subtraction without regrouping and then with regrouping (carrying/borrowing).  If we have time and the kids are up for it, we will learn more place values and work with larger numbers!

Winter:  Fractions, fractions, fractions!  There’s so much to learn and play with!   We’ll be making fraction pizzas, putting fractions in order from smaller to larger, comparing and finding equivalents, building fraction homes, basic addition of fractions to find a whole and more!   Fractions is one of the most important math concepts to master, so we’ll make sure we have a fantastic base of understanding before we move on to more challenging topics.

Spring: Measurement!   We’ll measure distance and liquids, learn to estimate, and practice with all kinds of measuring tools!   We’ll learn to tell time at 5 minute intervals and become money experts!  Learning how to skip count with our nickels and dimes will set us up for multiplication success without even knowing it!

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