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Biomes & Biodiversity!

The Environments that support life!

Ages 6-9

Why do so many plants and animals live below Mt Everest, but so few live on it?
This is one of our questions we will investigate at we look at our first biome - Mt Everest!   What does it take to support life?  We'll learn how to describe the environment by examining
photographs of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary’s historic
journey from Kathmandu to the summit of Mount Everest. We will describe the plants and animals in the Mount Everest
region after listening to excerpts from World of Wonder: Mountains
by Charlotte Guillain and Chris Madden. As one of our projects, students will develop a model that shows what they know about the
plants and animals living on and below Mount Everest.  They will also use their new map skills to draw maps of HuckleBerry and their own neighborhood!  We will explore four new environments and
categorize each as either a savanna or alpine tundra. We'll use biome maps to learn about temperate forests, savannas, and alpine tundras.  For each biome, we will investigate the plants and animals in each one, what types of terrain, water,

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